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Aug 2, 2023 4:48:59 PM | Start a Business Pucker Up: Here’s How To Start a Makeup Business

This article is perfect for those who want to know how to start a makeup business! Find the do’s and don’ts and learn more about how to build your own cosmetic online store.

Our how to start a makeup business blog cover, in a beige background, with the title written in black, the Shoplazza logo and some make up products such as gloss, lipstick and others, in black packages. The products are red and pink toned.

Interested in learning the do’s and don’ts of how to start a makeup business? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about how to build your own cosmetic business and start a successful online store.

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You probably have a skincare routine. Maybe it’s just a facial cleanser combined with sunscreen. Maybe you’ve already taken things to the next level and popped that face mask out once a week. Maybe you love shopping for new beauty brands and picking out a new lipstick, eyeshadow, toner, or blush.

It doesn’t matter how deep or how far in the beauty and skincare routine you are: What matters is that if you’ve got that entrepreneurship spark and you’re already thinking about how to start an online business, chances are you’re contemplating the possibility of opening a cosmetic business and even starting your own makeup line.

But how can you carve a special place in a broad and competitive sector like the beauty industry? And what do you need to know before you build an independent makeup line? Is there a way to start a beauty brand without manufacturing your own products?

Well, line up your brushes and turn on the lights to face the makeup mirror because we’ve got all the answers, and we’re about to tell you everything you need to know on how to start a makeup business.


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The foundation of a makeup business

The first thing you need to decide before you start a makeup line or a beauty brand is which business model you want to follow.

This is an important decision, not least because it’ll affect all of your operations — from how you’re manufacturing (or outsourcing) your cosmetics line to your packaging, your order fulfillment process, shipping times, and more.

Regarding working in the beauty industry, three main business models are worth exploring. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to run the calculations and figure out what will work best for you.


1. Manufacture your own makeup line

Most entrepreneurs who are interested in how to start a makeup business are likely entertaining the idea of starting their own makeup line.

This is one of the best ways to help you position a new brand inside the beauty industry. After all, you’ll be able to create a product not on the market yet, catering to a target market that your direct competitors might have overlooked.

The trouble is, starting a cosmetics line involves extra consideration — and some extra planning, too. 

After all, you’ll be responsible for the whole manufacturing operation, which includes stages like outsourcing ingredients, establishing formulas, conducting tests and experiments before launching a new item, and making sure your inventory is always well managed so the makeup won’t get ruined due to external situations, like an unforeseen summer heat wave.

Caliray beauty websitye page, representing how to start a makeup business. The texts are in yellow, Caliray logo is top-centered, and there's the background image is the face of a woman.

Caliray is a California-based beauty brand that manufactures its own items and is big on the clean makeup game. Their products are all sustainable and toxin-free; the brand gives off a “California Girls” vibe.




More control and more liberty since you’ll be in charge of the creative process

You’ll also be in charge of manufacturing the cosmetics, which requires a more significant upfront investment.

More control over brand positioning since you’ll be owning the entire operation

More work in terms of maintaining stock, calculating shelf life and holding inventory


2. Resell other beauty brands

Instead of building a cosmetics brand from scratch, why not go in a different direction and consolidate your brand as a place selling beauty products from other brands?

If that wasn’t clear, here’s a shorter version of our elevator pitch: Why not build a beauty marketplace? That way, you won’t have to worry about the manufacturing part.

Building a marketplace that specializes in beauty products is also an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs who feel more at ease on the managerial side of things since you’ll have more time on your hands to build your brand image and work on relatively minor — but unquestionably significant — aspects of your business, like packaging, customer service skills and shipping partnerships.

Beauty bridge online marketplace, with banners with all types of make up products and the logo top-centered. The background is white and all the texts are black. This image represents how to start a make up brand.

Beauty Bridge is a great marketplace for beauty products. Not only do they offer tons of different products and work with a wide array of brands, but they also have special sections on their website to redirect visitors to specific products — which is great for customer experience.




You can build and manage your e-reputation by working with established makeup brands

You’ll need to offer competitive shipping fees that rival those of standalone stores

No need to spend money on creating and manufacturing your own makeup line

It might be harder to find your unique selling proposition


💄You like the idea of a marketplace, but were you thinking more about selling in a marketplace? We can help with that, too!


3. Dropship with an online store

A third option for people who want to start a makeup line but don’t have lots of money to pour into the manufacturing process is starting an online store and working with the dropshipping model.

We already mentioned in our dropshipping guide that this business model allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without having to hold inventory. With dropshipping, you’ll also be able to sell products that were already manufactured and are ready to be shipped to customers.

If you’re interested in exploring the beauty industry with dropshipping, keep in mind that you’ll have to investigate with your suppliers' things like:

  • The ingredients they’re using in their makeup lines
  • The possibility of offering customizable packaging 
  • Shipping times




No upfront investment is needed

Little or no saying in the ingredients used by your supplier

You can start selling immediately after picking out your products

It might be hard to get a personalized packaging


And get this: You can start selling online right here, with Shoplazza! Check out the video below and our other blog posts for more info.




Bonus tip on how to start a makeup business

There’s also a fourth business model that might interest entrepreneurs who want to know how to start a makeup line: working with a private label manufacturer.

These companies have played a big part in the global beauty industry during the past years, and they’re especially helpful for small businesses who want to sell their own personalized makeup products but don’t have the time, money or resources to make this happen.

While companies like Onoxa offer pre-made skincare formulas and products that you can customize with your own branding, there are also other options out there that work together with you to develop a unique formula — beware that this might cost you extra, though.


Onoxa website, with a white menu with the sections written in black, a banner with all their products in a garden full of plants, the text "Premium Skincare" and a Shop Now button, representing how to start a make up business.


How to start a makeup business

Now that the foundation on how to start a makeup business is complete and you’ve already picked out the business model you’ll work with, it’s time to tackle some other decisions you’ll have to make — for instance, deciding who your ideal customer is.

A great way to discover this is by conducting market research because you’ll be able to collect and analyze data about your potential target market.



There are also some other elements you might want to consider before you open your cosmetics business since they’ll significantly impact how you’ll market your products and how the beauty brand will be perceived by customers online.

Let’s check them all below.


Find your niche and target audience

One of the most pressing matters for any brand that wants to establish itself in the cosmetics industry is picking out its intended target audience

This is especially important because most makeup brands are already facing stiff competition—so try to be as specific as possible. Maybe you’re interested in catering to diverse and yet niche groups, like:

  • Makeup artists
  • Cosplayers
  • Drag queens
  • Makeup influencer
  • Dancers and actors
  • Young adults with sensitive skin
  • Older women with acne-prone skin


Mehron website, with different categories for body paint, cosplay, influencer, theather, special fx and beauty, representing categories and target markets for makeup business owners.

Mehron is an excellent example of why beauty brands should focus on specific target markets. Currently, they develop specific makeup products for people interested in cosplaying, special FX and body paint.


Run some tests

This goes for all four beauty business models we covered above: You should always test your products for possible allergens and ensure they adhere to public safety and health concerns.

When it comes to a makeup line, you might also want to run a few tests to see if:

  • That water-proof mascara really is water-proof
  • If those “last all day” claims are true
  • If it works on different skin tones
  • If the shade that your supplier or private label partner is displaying on their website matches the shade you want


Bonus tip on how to start a makeup business

You can also take your tests to social media, since that’ll help you generate a good hype about your products. Check out what Caliray did on their TikTok, right after launching their so-called “surfproof” eyeliners:


yes surfproof eyeliner pencil is actually surfproof (we tested it!!🌊🏄‍♀️) and it’s only $10 right now! #sephora #eyeliner #makeup #caliray #calirayeyeliner

♬ original sound - Pastel


Decide on packaging

Makeup is great, but a satisfying package can be even greater — and, if you play your cards right, it might even help you increase sales.

There’s also one important thing to remember about packaging in the cosmetics industry: Because makeup can look different on different skin tones, it might be a good idea to feature the packaging on your product page, instead of featuring models.

That way, the focus remains on your product and on the quality of your makeup line. Just take a look at what Axiology does on its website:


Axiology website, with pictures of their product packaging, with various types and tones of lipsticks.

Axiology’s packaging is even more awesome when you read their mission statement, since they are committed to a sustainable and plastic-free business model. This kind of political stance can do wonders for a green marketing strategy, and it’s definitely something you should have on the horizon.


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Beware of local regulations

Another thing you should keep in mind before you start a makeup line is that makeup is a regulated product, which means that you’ll have to comply with your local government’s regulations if you want to sell those items.

Also, bear in mind that each country has its own regulations, ok? Here are some of the most official records we could find for Canada, US and Australia:


How to stand out in the cosmetic industry

One of the most pressing challenges that makeup brands face is designing an efficient marketing strategy to help them hook customers and increase sales.

Ideally, you should try to work with four pillars in mind:

1. A focus on diversity
2. A story to tell
3. Transparency about the formulas and ingredients you’re using
4. Sustainability and environmental impact


To illustrate how you can put all of those elements to work in your favor, let’s take a look at Tower28’s website — which gives a true masterclass on this topic.

When visitors access the store’s homepage, they are faced with a beautiful and sun-light picture that highlights diversity and indicates that Tower28 is interested in anyone that has sensitive skin.


Tower28 beautybrand's website, with four models in the main banner, with the title #ItsOkayToBeSensitive. The website is made in tones of red, pink and orange, and its a statement on how to start a makeup business.


This focus on sensitive skin, by the way, is the brand’s main selling point. When you dig a little deeper in their website, you find that their whole mission is actually centered around creating products that can help all kinds of different sensitive skin—a mission shouldered by Amy, the founder herself.


Tower28 mission statement, representing how you should focus on organizational culture if you want to start a makeup business.


Pretty cool, right? But it just keeps getting better.They actually have a pretty extensive list named “You Can't Sit With Us”, that indicates everything potential customers need to know about their products.

That way, Tower28 can stay true to their words and offer crystal-clear transparency to visitors.


Tower28 prohibited products and practices, stating that they're a cruelty free beautybrand worried about the actives present in their formulas. This page is format of a list.


Bonus tip on how to start a makeup business

You can also harness the power of customer testimonials and display those on your product pages, like Tower28 does. 

This is a great way to convince potential customers and showcase the quality of what you're selling — just remember to ask permission before you get those published, ok?


Tower28 customer testimonials, with rates and comments of their customers, representing how to start a make up business and how to leverage testimonials to boost your brand awareness and customer experience.


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How to market a cosmetics business

We already shared quite a few examples of how you can smartly market beauty products on this post, but it might be worth sharing some pro tips too.

The first thing that a cosmetics business should focus on is the visual aspect of their marketing assets. Makeup is all about looks, after all — and while this doesn't mean that you should invest solely on models for product photography, it does mean that you can benefit a lot by partnering with a social media influencer.

Having an influencer marketing strategy is also great to build a social following, since it’ll furnish your brand with a ton of relevant and eye-catching content. 

Bear in mind that makeup is basically one of the “founders” of the social media influencing as we know it today: Makeup tutorials and makeup unboxing experiences have been one of the staples of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for years now, and they are still going strong.



Welcome to your summer of better bare skin. Protect your skin and pick up this clean summer routine from @Gym Tan at bareMinerals.com. #BetterBareSkinEveryDay #SummerMakeup #COMPLEXIONRESCUE #MatteTintedMoistureizer #BLONZER

♬ Blue hair sped up - Stargirl ☆


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Also, try to be as engaging and detailed as possible with your product descriptions: Be upfront about allergens and ingredients, indicate the product’s durability on skin and any other information that might help customers.

Axiology, for instance, has a great template for their descriptions. You can see that they create concise one-liners and put special emojis on each of them, to make the reading experience quick and fun.

Remember: The quicker a visitor finds the answer they’re looking for, the quicker they’ll click on the “Add to Cart” button.


Axiology's product page with product description. The page has a white background with their products in the middle, with a great description and icons categorizing the product, representing how you should take care of how visitors find your products if you want to start a makeup business.


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Bonus tip on how to start a makeup business

Another way to encourage sales is offering your customers something unique and that is actually valuable to them.

This will, of course, depend on your target market. If you’re selling to makeup artists, you can create an online course and gift that content to customers who reach a specific threshold with their shopping.

You can also do something like a customer loyalty program or a rewards program, similar to what Cheekbone did. This is great tool that’ll help you build a strong sense of community with your customers.


Cheekbone's rewards program, with the title "join our community" and various of their products in the background.


Start a makeup line FAQ: everything you need to know

Now you’re all set to start a makeup line and build your own brand. Just to make sure you’re extra prepared, though, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to start a makeup business.

Why start a cosmetics brand?

The cosmetic industry is one the largest and most well-established ecommerce niches, and there’s still a nice profit to be had. During the past years, consumers have been steadily moving away from the big players and opting instead to shop with local and sustainable brands.


How much does it cost to start a makeup line?

That’ll depend on the business model you’ll adhere to.

If you’re planning on working with a private label company, bear in mind that you’ll have to pay them (which can be costly, depending on the range of products you want to work with). You’ll also need to factor in shipping costs, so be careful.

Also, keep in mind that the overall cost will be significantly larger if you’re planning on manufacturing yout makeup products yourself.

You can, however, start a cosmetic brand with dropshipping, which would cost you significantly less.


How long does it take to start a makeup line?

If you’re working with a private label company, starting a makeup line will probably take about 3 to 5 months (and maybe even longer if you’re working with a more artisanal and independent method). With dropshipping, you can start almost immediately after having set up your online store.

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