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May 9, 2023 10:55:37 AM | Sell Your Products The Best Welcome Emails for Guaranteed Sales (+ Welcome Popup Examples)

Get inspired by the best welcome email examples we've ever seen! Use welcome emails and welcome popups to build trust and boost your ecommerce sales.

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Did you know that eight out of ten customers expect to receive a welcome email after they sign up for a mailing list? That's a big opportunity to connect with your new subscribers right when they're confirming their interest in your brand.

Since these subscribers are already interested in what you have to offer, they're more likely to read your welcome email. That's why it's the perfect chance to make a strong first impression and start building a relationship with them.

You can even split your welcome email into a sequence, where you can share your brand's proposition, story and products over time. 

This can help your new subscribers get to know you better and become more invested in what you have to offer.

Let’s look at some great welcome email examples and popups to collect those email addresses.


What is a welcome email?

When someone signs up for a new product or a newsletter, the first message they receive is called a welcome email. This is an important email because it lets your subscriber know that their registration was successful and that the brand is welcoming them.

The great thing about a welcome email is that it's the same for everyone who signs up, and it's sent automatically as soon as someone registers. This means that every new subscriber gets the same message, and you don't have to worry about the business forgetting to send it.

Greg Zakowicz, Omnisend’s Senior Ecommerce Expert, explains more in his video “Welcome email series: tips & best practices”: 



Welcome emails are very important

Did you know that 74% of people say they look forward to getting a welcome email? That's why businesses should make sure to include a welcome email as part of their email marketing strategy.

Another great thing about welcome emails is that they have really high open rates. On average, about 30.45% of people open them, which is a lot more than other types of emails. This is great news for businesses because it means more people are seeing their message.

A welcome email is also a great way to build trust with customers. When someone is new to a brand, they might not be sure if they can trust them right away. But a well-written welcome email can help customers feel more comfortable and confident in the brand.

Plus, welcome emails can even help increase sales! In fact, they have a higher conversion rate than most other automated emails sent by ecommerce businesses. That means more people are likely to buy from the business if they receive a welcome email.

Finally, a welcome email is also a chance for businesses to connect with customers in other ways. Some businesses use them to invite new subscribers to follow them on social media or ask any questions they might have.


Welcome email examples

Let’s look at some great examples of welcome emails you can use for inspiration.


#1 Pipcorn

First up is the snack brand, Pipcorn. Their welcome email takes a very friendly and welcoming tone.


Image shows Pipcorn's welcome email, offering a discount code for 15% off.


The headline of the email is "Welcome to the Pipcorn Fam!" which makes new subscribers feel like they're part of something special. Plus, Pipcorn includes a 15% discount code which is a nice bonus for subscribers. The code is mentioned at the beginning of the email, and then again at the end with a button that says "Shop Now".

Pipcorn also shares a little bit about their business, including the fact that they're a family business. This gives subscribers a sense of what the brand is all about. The email also mentions what subscribers can expect from future emails.

The email looks great, too! There are lots of bright visuals and high-quality images of the Pipcorn products. All of these features make the email a great way to introduce new subscribers to the brand. It's no surprise that Pipcorn is making up to $5 million a year.


#2 Baking Steel 

Let's take a look at another example of a friendly and welcoming email, this time from Baking Steel.


Image shows Baking Steel's as one of the welcome email examples. In their email, headlined Create the crust you Crave!, the brand takes the opportunity to introduce itself to new subscribers.


Baking Steel's welcome email is a great way to introduce new subscribers to their brand. The email starts by briefly explaining the company's mission, which is to help people make delicious pizza in their own kitchens! Then, they explain why using Baking Steel's products is a great way to achieve this goal.

The email includes plenty of images to show off the products and to give subscribers a better idea of what they can expect. Plus, there's a recipe included to help subscribers get started right away!

If subscribers are interested in learning more, there's a button that invites them to visit the Baking Steel shop. And if they want to try making the recipe, there's a button for that, too!

It turns out that Baking Steel's welcome email strategy is working really well for them. Each email series earns between $10 and $15, a result of their strong email marketing strategy.


#3 Omnisend

Here's another great example of a friendly and approachable welcome email, this time from Omnisend.


Image shows Omnisend's welcome email examplem, which explains the next steps the customer has to take once they've signed up.


The email starts by addressing the subscriber by their first name, which is a great way to make them feel seen and valued. Then, the email acknowledges that the subscriber is interested in growing their revenue through email marketing.

The email gets right to the point and explains what the next steps are and why they are so important. There's also a clear call-to-action button that is on-brand and easy to understand.

To make the email easy to read and understand, there's plenty of white space and effective use of images to show completed steps and what's next. Plus, the email does a great job of explaining why the next steps are so important, which can help reduce confusion and hesitation.

Overall, this is a great example of a friendly and effective welcome email.


Welcome popup examples

Welcome popups are essentially any popup that greets visitors for the first time and then asks them to subscribe.

This can be done by simply highlighting the brand or products or offering some special discount, free shipping, or other offer. When people sign up through these popups, they trigger the types of welcome emails we saw earlier.

Let’s look at three quick examples of welcome popups created using Omnisend.


#1 In the Vintage Kitchen: General newsletter offer

Image shows In-the-Vintage-Kitchen with one of their welcome popup examples, inviting the website visitor to subscribe to the newsletter before they leave the page.


The first popup comes from In the Vintage Kitchen. It’s a simple black-and-white style that is elegant and straightforward.

Here, they’re not making any traditional offers—instead relying on the fact that the visitor would most likely already be motivated to hear more from the brand. Even nicer is that they’re collecting both email addresses and phone numbers, so they can use SMS marketing effectively.


#2 Morbid Mates: 10% off

Image shows Morbid Mate's welcome popup, offering a 10% discount for people who sign up to their newsletter.


Morbid Mates goes the traditional route—and it’s traditional for a reason. It works.  

Here, a 10% offer is enough to entice new visitors, but without hurting their bottom line.


#3 Balkan Bred: Black Friday deals

Image shows Balkan Bred's welcome popup example, offering a discount for Black Friday for people who sign up.


In our last example, Balkan Bred doesn’t exactly offer any specific discounts or free shipping in the popup. 

Instead, they offer that they will send some exclusive discounts on a specific date. This is great to give you more room to decide at a later date what the offers will be.


Best welcome emails: wrap-up

Sending a welcome email to new customers can be a great way to build their loyalty and increase sales. You can send a single email or a short series, and there are many creative ways to do this. To make sure your welcome email is effective, there are some key tips to keep in mind.

First, introduce yourself and tell your story. Showcase your products and offers, and give your new subscribers a reason to feel good about joining. Use a clear design with high-quality images and a bright, noticeable call-to-action. 

Consider offering an incentive to encourage new subscribers to become customers. A longer series of emails can be even more effective than a single email, and remember to be polite and helpful.

Welcome emails can generate great results quickly, but you'll need a great marketing automation platform to get started. If you're not sure where to begin, you can check out the pre-built welcome email templates at Omnisend, which are ready to use right away.

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