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Sep 5, 2022 9:15:12 AM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza: Google Case Challenge Winner

Shoplazza is 1 of 5 winners in the inaugural 2022 Google Case Challenge for driving global growth of underwater scooter brand LEFEET.

Cover image shows the words: Shoplazza: 2022 Google Case Challenge Winner, with Shoplazza's logo at the bottom.

The official results of the first Google Case Challenge in 2022 were recently announced. Shoplazza was recognized as one of the best cases submitted for this challenge due to its professional strengths. This acknowledgment of Shoplazza's services in helping merchants go global follows Shoplazza's distinction as a Google Premier Partner. 

Google Case Challenge is a practical competition introduced by the Google Partner Academy. It examines how partners digest and absorb courses from the Google Partner Academy to help clients achieve success using Google products. The Google panel selects five exceptional cases based on innovation, product application, and commercial impact. Following serious consideration alongside other Google partners, Shoplazza stood out against the other participants and was recognized for the excellence of its client case.

As a Google Premier Partner, Shoplazza is deeply integrated with various Google products and adheres to its best practices to deliver high-quality, one-stop marketing services for cross-border commerce. In response to this challenge, Shoplazza shared the case of underwater scooter brand LEFEET.

Screenshot shows LEFEET's home page, where it says, Summertime Giveaway: share with us your summer memories. In the background of the webpage, there is a picture of a person diving and holding a camera towards a rock formation.

As an innovative technology company focusing on aquatic products, LEFEET is in a relatively niched market. In addition to its existing audience, reaching more potential consumers and expanding brand influence are LEFEET's essential objectives. Its limited experience in advertising was a roadblock for LEFEET, however, in gaining better advertising performance and reducing conversion costs.

After sorting out its branding and advertising needs, Shoplazza helped LEFEET devise corresponding strategies using Google's wide-ranging intelligent ad products to quickly gain insight into consumer behavior and reduce customer acquisition costs. Google's AI-powered Performance Max, convenient material production, and operational simplicity minimized the learning curve and allowed the LEFEET team to take off running. With guidance from Shoplazza, LEFEET has achieved remarkable results since adjusting its advertising strategy, significantly increasing its product purchase rate.

Google highlighted Shoplazza's "Dive deep into user insights to effectively improve product design and marketing, create new advertising campaigns and custom solutions for its users, and generate healthy growth for its clients' businesses."

As a leading global eCommerce SaaS provider, Shoplazza draws from rich experiences and practical cases for globalized marketing. From brand building to store setup and operation, as well as Google advertising, Shoplazza maintains high standards and is committed to helping businesses go global. In early 2022, Shoplazza was recognized as a Google Premier Partner, a distinction placing Shoplazza within the top 3% of Google's partnered tech innovators.

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