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Jul 5, 2022 11:08:13 PM | Shoplazza x Clearco: Faster & Safer Funding for eCommerce Business

The partnership with Clearco helps Shoplazza merchants raise funds in a bias-free way. eCommerce businesses can achieve global success more efficiently.

Shoplazza, the global leading Shopping Cart SaaS provider, and Clearco, the world's largest e-commerce investor providing equity-free capital solutions to e-commerce businesses, recently joined together to bring their revenue-based funding to Shoplazza‘s merchants worldwide.


Shoplazza x Clearco: Faster & Safer Funding for eCommerce Business Featured Image

To empower online business owners, Clearco’s innovative model offers faster and flexible funding. Merchants don’t need to give up equity and simply repay the advance from revenues. Using AI and proprietary algorithms, Clearco’s funding offer is bias-free. Simply connect revenue and marketing accounts with Clearco’s API and merchants will see their personalized investment offers ranging from $10,000 to $20 million. The whole application process is quick, simple, and intuitive. Merchants do not need to go through a credit check, provide personal guarantees, or follow a fixed payment timeline. Furthermore, there is no risk of ruin (like with debt), and the funding is non-dilutive (like with equity).


Clearco’s revenue-based financing solution revolutionizes the way merchants grow their businesses and portfolios. To date, Clearco has advanced 3.2B+, helping 7,000+ online businesses around the world get funded based on merit, not connections. Together with Clearco, Shoplazza will better assist its 360,000+ merchants in achieving global business success. As the pioneer in the eCommerce SaaS industry, Shoplazza has an insight into merchants’ actual needs. The partnership with Clearco will maximize the strengths of both parties to help merchants better understand their business model and where the growth is, while expanding into target markets in an efficient and easy way. 


“It’s clear that the burden of merchants will be significantly eased with more funding support backed by Clearco. And businesses of any size and shape can expand into emerging markets quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free,” said Alyson Zhang, the COO of Shoplazza.


“Clearco now offers Shoplazza’s merchants the capital and financial tools they need to scale their business and grow globally, without having to give up equity. Through this strategic partnership, Shoplazza’s merchants will now have quick and easy financing and expert support for their global market expansion,” said Michele Romanow, co-founder and CEO of Clearco.


About Shoplazza

Shoplazza, an award-winning shopping cart SaaS company, provides a one-stop solution for brands of all sizes to launch, promote, and manage their online stores. The platform is powered by cutting-edge technology. It is reliable, scalable, and flexible to ensure merchants have a seamless and customizable e-commerce experience.


Shoplazza stays open to more, values developers, and is dedicated to leveraging the value of the global partner ecosystem to support merchants in achieving business success worldwide.


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Written By: Mia Wang

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