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Jun 1, 2022 1:30:00 PM | Shoplazza News Login Shoplazza | Grow Your Business by Selling Everywhere

Shoplazza is a technology company focused on providing DTC ecommerce SaaS for global merchants to create and operate their independent websites.

Table of contents

  1. Shoplazza, A fast-growing global SaaS company for direct-to-customer (“DTC”) online brand stores.
  2. Technologybranding and ecosystem advantages.
  3. Shoplazza’s omni-channels for selling to the world.

Shoplazza, A fast-growing global SaaS company for direct-to-customer (“DTC”) online brand stores.

With the brand headquarters in Toronto, Canada and the R&D centre in Shenzhen, China, Shoplazza is a technology company focused on providing DTC ecommerce SaaS for global merchants to create and operate their independent websites. Founded in 2017, Shoplazza has been sticking to its mission of “driving global business success for clients through cutting edge technology” by providing integrated DTC online store SaaS solutions with the best-in-class shopping experiences for customers worldwide. The SaaS platform empowers global merchants to build their own DTC online stores with minimal coding, covering various shopping scenarios and enabling merchants to grow their DTC e-commerce business independently and globally.

Technology, branding and ecosystem advantages

Through continuous investment in R&D, Shoplazza has established its own technological advantage with server nodes globally awarded for quick response, distributed computing and high concurrency, serving as a benchmark for the industry worldwide. Meanwhile, Shoplazza has partnered with Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, PayPal, Klarna, Worldpay, Checkout.com, Cloudflare, Amazon Web Service and other leading tech companies to provide one-stop solutions for merchants.

Shoplazza emphasizes the developer-application ecosystem and also partnered with 500+ high-quality developers and service vendors in areas of marketing, payment, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, e-commerce ERP, etc. Shoplazza not only offers the opportunity for partners to deeply collaborate with merchants on its platform, but also strives for synergy within the developer ecosystem to drive business success worldwide.

With numerous awards and certifications, Shoplazza is a highly recognized tech company in the industry for its innovations. Shoplazza was awarded the Best Shopping Cart Partner of 2020 by PayPal, 2021 China Enterprise Technology 50 by Forbes, and the Overseas Technology Innovator of Google 2021 for an ad preview and diagnosis tool which guarantees 95%+ success rate. Furthermore, Shoplazza is one of the few e-commerce SaaS that is awarded as a Meta Business Partner (formerly Facebook Business Partner) in China and North America.

Shoplazza Partner Program

The Shoplazza Partner Program is our unique offering to connect our global partners and developers with the consistently growing number of Shoplazza merchants. We intend to remove all the barriers and hassles from working with merchants, who possess various business needs and demands, by directly providing them with all the necessary tools and resources needed to make a success. Our Partner Program has already opened two-tier collaboration channels to the market.

Shoplazza Developer program

It’s designed for App and Theme Developers who intend to build or already have existing eCommerce related Apps and themes for our growing merchants. Merchants may directly find the publicly listed App from Shoplazza AppStore, then install it to their store. We offer all necessary help documents and guidance to help both App and Theme developers to achieve their success at Shoplazza. As a developer, the revenue is generated through monthly subscription, annual and one-time purchase on your services or store themes.

Visit Shoplazza Developers Center to learn more.

Shoplazza Affiliate Program

The Shoplazza Affiliate Program is created to invite qualified influencers, digital marketers, online educators, content creators and anyone who wishes to educate and convert existing or unexplored audiences as being Shoplazza merchants, by earning commissions from their referrals.

Our preferred Affiliate Program Partners may meet the following criteria:

  1. Who owns and runs the active accounts on various social media platforms.
  2. Who may already have an established audience via different channels.
  3. Who creates original content, including training courses on open-source-training-platforms, articles, or guidance.
  4. Anyone who is experienced in eCommerce, digital marketing, online store operations, or other eCommerce platforms.

Shoplazza’s omni-channels for selling to the world

Omni-channel sales at Shoplazza doesn’t require our merchants to be everywhere, but by utilizing Shoplazza’s feature omni-channel marketing channels to reach out to the customers everywhere. The ability of applying these tools will separate top performance from the rest.

Omni-channel ecommerce is a fully integrated approach to ecommerce, providing online customers a unified experience across all channels, touch points or storefronts. For merchants, these channels, touch points or storefronts will redirect the traffic and the leads back into their online store main sites.

What is omni-channel eCommerce?

An omni-channel strategy is a method that helps you create a seamless experience for customers across all the channels through which you sell. It encompasses the online and offline touch points of your brand, from a point-of-sale system to an Instagram shoppable post, and it’s not just for retailers anymore.

Omni-channel is a consistent, yet unique way to reach out customers. It’s about enabling consumers to purchase wherever they are while communicating in a way that is in tune with why they use a given channel and showing awareness of their stage in the customer lifecycle.

Let’s peek into how an omni-channel customer experience looks like.

  1. A customer discovers a particular product at your Facebook (Meta) storefront, or a displayed ad on Facebook (Meta) platform.
  2. The customer receives a tailored-for-Facebook unique experience by being offered a coupon or discount regarding the loyalty program where they can use at your main online store.
  3. When a customer clicks the URL and gets redirected to a dedicated collection page of your website for exclusive products where you can spend coupons and discounts.
  4. The landing page then triggers Facebook pixel (the tracking codes) that will later retarget the customer with ads about complementary products to their initial purchase on Facebook.
  5. After the purchase from the main online store, the customer receives a notification email to help make them aware of the future promotion events, upcoming featured inventory, sales etc.
  6. Next time, the loyalty customers can be reinvited to join different VIP programs on Facebook or from your main store.

The omni-channel user journey leverages the data that Shoplazza’s featured built-in tracking tools collected from every bit of the actions that consumers performed, merchants use these analytics to help reach and remarket themselves to the customers for various purposes.

How do you start to offer omni-channel shopping at Shoplazza?

At Shoplazza, currently we are the key global business partners to Google, Facebook Meta, TikTok. These global digital campaign distribution platforms are prebuilt-in to the featured store building system, where merchants can easily link different accounts to enable the global placements of your digital ads or storefronts.

Sign up to Shoplazza today, to get 7-day free trial and get access to all embedded features and place your products and brands directly in front of your target audiences.

Written By: Luk.Chan

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