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Oct 13, 2023 5:31:04 AM | Klarna Unveils New AI-Powered Tools: Image Search and Shoppable Videos

Klarna, the global payments network, has recently announced the launch of its Spotlight Fall collection, featuring AI-powered image search and shoppable videos.

Klarna Spotlight Fall Launch

Klarna's Spotlight Fall Launch on 11 October 2023 introduces two groundbreaking features: AI-powered image search and shoppable videos, aiming to revolutionize the way consumers discover and purchase products with a seamless and personalized experience.

With the AI-powered shopping lens, users can simply snap a picture of an item or style they like and instantly find out where to buy it and get the best deal in the Klarna app. The AI technology behind the image search translates the image into a search term, enabling users to turn anything they see into a shoppable item.

In addition, Klarna has expanded its shoppable videos globally, allowing users to explore and purchase items directly from videos. These videos are created by trusted brands and Klarna's global creator community and recommended by its AI powerd engine, providing users a stream of engaging content, including unboxings, tutorials, reviews, and product drops. Users can easily shop for the items they like directly from the video, enhancing the convenience and interactivity of the shopping experience.

Consumer searching for products

What's Great About AI-Powered Image Search

AI-powered image search is a game-changer for online shopping. It enables users to search for products using any type of image instead of relying on text or keywords. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who struggle to describe what they are looking for or may not be able to use the correct search terms. Users can find visually similar products and make informed purchasing decisions by simply taking a snap.

Klarna is not the only company harnessing the power of AI-powered image search. Other prominent players in the industry, such as Google, Amazon, and Pinterest, are also developing and offering this technology. The increasing popularity of visual search among consumers is evident, with more and more people using image search in their daily online activities. Research shows that consumers who use visual search are more likely to add things to their cart and purchase them than those who use traditional keyword search. 

You might think of AI-powered image search as a big boys' game, but small businesses can benefit from implementing similar services into their websites as well. For example, you can provide a search option for visually similar items on your product detail pages or integrate with third-party AI search engines to include such a feature in your search engine.  

A woman presenting her products in front of the camera


Why is Shoppable Video Useful

Shoppable videos have emerged as a powerful tool in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce. These videos allow users to shop for products directly while enjoying the content. While watching the shoppable videos, viewers can pause the video, tap on the product they want to buy, and proceed with the purchase, all within the video itself.

The trend of shoppable videos has gained momentum in recent years, as brands recognize the value of engaging visual content in driving sales. Fashion, jewelry, and home decor industries, in particular, have embraced shoppable videos due to their highly visual nature. 

Burberry, back in 2015, allowed viewers to pre-order their newest collection while watching their runway show action on its social media platforms. By introducing the see-now-buy-now in the shoppable video, Burberry gets to combat fast fashion by preventing some of the retailers from making knock-offs of their designs. 

Ralph Lauren launched a shoppable video series in 2019 starring the characters of the Netflix show Elite. Viewers can browse how the products look on different characters and buy them by clicking on "Shop the look" in the video. This video series was later used to launch an automated retargeted ad campaign throughout the Google network.

Shoppable videos are made possible by social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. These platforms enable brands to create interactive and engaging videos that allow viewers to shop for products directly from the content. Young consumers today hang on social media not just for fun but also to gain insights into products they are interested in. With shoppable videos, you can tailor your video content to your target market, building an emotional connection with your audience and improving your conversion rate accordingly. 

To Summarize

With Klarna leading the way in revolutionizing retail through AI, the future of online shopping looks promising. As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for retailers of all scales to enhance customers' shopping experience are limitless. Brands can include similar AI search features on their website to provide a personalized experience for shoppers; brands with solid content creation capabilities can also leverage shoppable videos to attract young consumers, deliver convenient product discovery, and enable hyper-personalization. 

Frankie Zhang

Written By: Frankie Zhang

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