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Jun 30, 2022 5:02:32 AM | Sell Your Products Chat with Talkwalker: How Shoplazza Stays Tomorrow-Ready

In the interview with Talkwalker, Shoplazza provides insights into future e-commerce.

A version of this article was first published on the Talkwalker blog.

Chat with Talkwalker: How Shoplazza Stays Tomorrow-Ready featured image

Shoplazza is honored to have an interview with Talkwalker, one of the most famous consumer intelligence acceleration platforms in the world.

As an award-winning e-commerce platform that helps direct-to-consumer e-commerce merchants create and operate their own businesses, Shoplazza provides insights into future e-commerce.


Talkwalker: If you could summarize, what are the top 3 challenges faced by brands and marketers today in the e-commerce industry? It would be interesting to learn how e-commerce brands are adapting to the rise of AI and the metaverse in the industry.

First of all, knowing your customer and understanding consumer demands, including underlying needs, so as to optimize consumption scenes and products, is always the biggest challenge for e-commerce practitioners. Secondly, how to use cutting-edge technology to continuously improve the shopping experience of consumers is also a problem that e-commerce operators need to think about.

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, metaverse, virtual reality (VR), and live streaming for e-commerce have all gained popularity in recent years. E-commerce business owners should investigate how to leverage these technologies to improve consumers' shopping experiences and make them more intelligent and interesting.

Shoplazza has introduced AI algorithm features, including personalized recommendations, to help merchants display products more intelligently and thus increase their sales conversion. We will explore AI and metaverse technologies deeply in the future to help merchants operate stores in a more intelligent way.

Talkwalker theme cloud around the topic of the metaverse

Talkwalker theme cloud around the topic of the metaverse


Other topics covered in this interview include consumer intelligence, consumer closeness, and intriguing case studies of successful DTC brands.

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Hermes Fang

Written By: Hermes Fang

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