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Jun 17, 2022 10:01:00 AM | Shoplazza News Women Entrepreneurs | Angela's Choice

Angela had no business experience. She chose Shoplazza over Shopify to start her eCommerce journey.

Ottawa, April 30, 2022. Even today, the city is packed with people shouting and roaring loud on Rideau street. We still manage to meet and talk to Angela Zhang, a young and courageous girl, also a dedicated active social worker who devotes her time and energy to helping women immigrants from all over the world who search for peace and prosperity to settle down in Quebec region.

As the Shoplazza content team leader, I was curious enough to meet a girl who never engaged in any sort of business or eCommerce activities and why out-of-blue she is in for it now. Until I met her in person, Angela is a smiling (toujours souriante), so energetic (plein d'energie) and a dreamer (rêveuse). She is about to graduate from a renowned CEGEP college this year, now she is doing her second internship at one of the biggest Quebecois immigration social service organization. Through her daily work, she discovered the economic autonomy is so essential to inspire and bring one from a difficult situation to a better state of life. In that sense, if she creates a brand with a consistent income to create an autonomic sample of life, consequently, more women who temporarily find themselves in difficulties may follow her experiences to find a way out. 

Why Angela choose Shoplazza over Shopify

Angela compared several online store building platforms, like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, etc. However, she finds these platforms that are not friendly for beginners or someone who has little prior knowledge, even though she can easily find help center documents. She finds these help documents that are hard to read, no one answers her rudimentary questions. Accidentally, she found Shoplazza. After simple signing up, according to her, she discovered a new eldorado

With more than 30 completely free templates, she read blogs about how to start dropshipping business with $28/mo, blogs about print on demand of Hugepod, blogs about what you get from basic plan, etc. And tons of practical product sourcing apps, she can freely sign up and start with immediate product feeds importing. Everything is automated, with tons of templates. 

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Written By: Luk.Chan

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