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Jun 12, 2022 12:20:00 PM | Shoplazza News What Do You Get by Paying for The Shoplazza Basic Plan?

Look at Shoplazza’s Basic Plan in depth, walking through each of the features and highlighting the key aspects that make Shoplazza stand out.


Interest in eCommerce has grown steadily over the past few years. Many small businesses have now made their digital transition, especially in the wake of the pandemic. As a novice to ecommerce, creating your designs, setting up your online stores, and seeing your first sales appear as an independent or brand may sound overwhelming or distant, but it’s actually not that difficult if you set your mind to it and choose the right platform. 


Table of contents:

  1. Six features you get by paying for the basic plan
  2. About Shoplazza
  3. One plan to access all features
  4. Unlimited products
  5. staff accounts
  6. Global storefronts
  7. Dropshipping
  8. Embedded Email marketing
  9. Free connection to social media platforms
  10. Global Shipping with local fulfillment
  11. Merchant onboarding services

In this post, we will talk about who Shoplazza is and why it’s a popular choice among entrepreneurs. In Particular, we will look at Shoplazza’s Basic Plan in depth, walking through each of the features and highlighting the key aspects that make Shoplazza stand out among other platforms. 


Six features you get by paying for the basic plan

About Shoplazza

First of all, for those unfamiliar with Shoplazza, it is a software as a service (‘SaaS’) technology company with its mission of "leading customers' global business success with excellent product technology". Because Shoplazza operates in a web browser, you can access it from anywhere with the internet connection. It empowers merchants with easy-to-use themes and templates to build their own online store. Shoplazza also partnered with developers and influencers to help our clients globalize and scale up their online presence. 


Shoplazza offers competitive rates for merchants to start their online businesses. Different pricing plans are tailored to serve customers in different life cycles of their businesses. The “Basic Plan”, which we will mainly focus on in this article, represents one of the economic ways into creating a fully functional, standalone online store at $28 per month. 


The plan includes the following core features:

  • One plan to access all features
  • Ability to sell an unlimited number of products
  • 6 Staff accounts (i.e., 6 separate logins or ‘seats’)
  • Global storefront 
  • Global shipping with local fulfillment
  • Merchant onboarding services


Not sure what they mean? Don’t worry. Let’s drill down into these key features one by one. 


1. One plan to access all features

All price tiers, including the Basic Plan, are granted with the same access to all essential built-in tools to quickly build your store. This means that even the cheapest plan allows you to customize your store setup and list unlimited numbers of products. You can also take a design template and tailor it to your specific need. Clients in fashion, jewelry & accessories, or home living may choose from theme styles such as continental, streamlined, modern, and more. Additionally, your online store also comes with a built-in blogging engine that you can use to write articles, keep your customers informed about events and promotions, and receive comments and feedback. 


2. Unlimited products

It is crucial for an e-commerce business owner to be able to sell products with no limitations. One reason for this is the rapid changes in consumer demand and preferences. You don’t want to be confined to selling outdated items due to the product restriction. Especially for sellers who are just starting out, it may take some time to gradually figure out what products match the demand of their customers. Therefore, even for our Basic Plan subscribers, we believe that it’s important to give them the freedom to have an unlimited number of products to display and sell


3. Multiple staff accounts

As your business expands, you’ll need more staff accounts so that your team members can manage your store accounts and assist you with specific tasks. For instance, you might need someone to manage inventory, launch marketing campaigns and assess the performance, or handle fulfillment and after sales service, etc. In the Basic Plan, Shoplazza enables 6 staff accounts to help you build your business and your team. Also, Shoplazza provides custom permission configuration. To ensure effective store management and data security, you can assign employee access based on their roles within your organization. Only you, as the store owner, can create and delete staff accounts


4. Global storefronts 

As mentioned earlier, Shoplazza is a SaaS provider, so once you launch your store, you and your customers can get access to it from anywhere in the world. In order to accelerate your business growth, Shoplazza also provides numerous built-in tools ranging from product sourcing, marketing, to order fulfillment to expand your worldwide sales horizon. 


Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping is undoubtedly the most-friendly ecommerce business model with a low entry barrier.  It is a fulfillment method in which you sell products you don't own and stock. After you take an order, you send it to a supplier, and they deliver the goods to your client. With dropshipping, you can quickly test different business ideas with limited downside, which lets you learn a lot about how to choose and market in-demand products.


Shoplazza helps dropshippers quickly find and import trendy products to sell. If you want to dropship with Shoplazza, you need to install a third-party app to do so. After signing up for the Basic Plan, there will be lots of dropshipping apps for you in the Shoplazza app store. One of the most widely used tools is the dropshipping tool SkuOnwer. Once you link it to your store account, you will be able to sync products from marketplaces like Amazon and Aliexpress, as well as other independent online retailers. 


 Embedded Email marketing 

E-mailing marketing is a must in e-commerce. It enables you to keep track of and manage existing customer info, use email marketing to prompt repurchases, and boost your conversion rates by recovering bounced visitors. 

To help you increase your marketing efforts, Shoplazza is fully integrated with Mailchimp. To begin, create a newsletter to which your visitors can subscribe to, as well as your coupons and related communication templates. You can also leverage Mailchimp with Shoplazza functions to send personalized messages to potential customers who have left your checkout page, subscription page, or social sharing prompts. 


Free connection to social media platforms

Brand image, consumer loyalty, and their demand for your products all stem from your social media presence. The good news is that you can quickly integrate social media sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok into your Shoplazza account. Your product catalogs will be automatically linked, giving your items and brand more visibility on social media. Shoplazza also offers a customizable social media Pixel that can be used to better understand client behavior and track the effectiveness of ads.


5. Global Shipping with local fulfillment

Shoplazza integrated with different shipping partners to provide merchants with more choices in global shipping services, allowing them to reach their global customers in more than 150 countries or regions. From order placing through label printing, Shoplazza ensures excellent efficiency. We are also aiming to bring in more local fulfillment partners to our ecosystem to help businesses with the shipping and fulfillment


6. Merchant onboarding services

When starting a new business, you must consider what kind of products you are going to sell and how you are going to source them. You also need to plan your pricing strategies, generate leads, conduct market research, develop business networking, etc. On top of that, you must learn where to file a complaint or how to handle disputes with suppliers or customers. There are many more knowledge areas waiting for you to unlock. 


By joining Shoplazza with the Basic Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the knowledge sharing community. You can join free online store-building webinars or talk to inhouse experts to better navigate among all featured tools and resources Shoplazza has to offer. Our merchants will be able to get access to educational resources to gain technical knowledge and insights about business development. For example, we share knowledge on different forms of brand abuse to increase their awareness of potential risks. We also offer tips for brand owners to closely monitor their IP portfolio and ensure that their new processes and channels of commerce won’t be copied or stolen by competitors. 



We have covered six major benefits that come with purchasing for Shoplazza’s Basic Plan. This list is not exhaustive, though. Multi-currency display choices, multi-language shop operations, customer support and services, professional data analysis reports, and many more aspects are not addressed in this article. One thing to keep in mind is that with our technological and ecosystem advantages, Shoplazza is committed to assisting our clients in expanding and globalizing their online presence.


Do you want to start your online store to go global immediately? Simply going to the Shoplazza website and clicking the PRICING button on the main menu to sign up for our Basic Plan. Of course, if you prefer more advanced plans, we also have the $59 Advanced Plan, which allows you to retain more profits to re-invest for future growth, or the $99 Ultimate Plan, which helps you to scale fast and optimize your team’s operation. However, if you’re a small business, our Basic Plan is an excellent place to start when it comes to creating and customizing an online store to showcase your products.  

Written By: Min Chen

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