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Nov 3, 2022 7:00:00 AM | Shoplazza News Poptin: use popups in your Shoplazza store to drive more sales

Popups can help Shoplazza merchants achieve higher GMV. Find out about Shoplazza's partnership with Poptin.

Poptin and Shoplazza: use popups in your Shoplazza store to drive more sales

Today's consumers

In today’s market, consumers usually go for brands that resonate with them and offer a unique buying experience. To better meet those needs, using popups to showcase the brand’s purpose and stories becomes a winning formula. Popups can help merchants maximize customers’ engagement, strengthening their connection with the brand community in general. 

Consumers also tend to stick with brands that provide them with more tangible value. For instance, if you give visitors a first-time-visitor voucher or a second-purchase discount, they are more likely to come back to your store.

What are pop-ups?

A pop-up is a small window that suddenly pops into view to catch a web visitor’s attention. This article will be talking about Poptin, which offers a huge variety of popups and other effective features, that can help Shoplazza merchants achieve their GMV goals.

When consumers make a purchase, they often buy complementary products or items from an adjacent category. This is the best time to do cross-selling and upselling – when they've already bought a specific product. Popups work quite well in this situation, allowing merchants to boost their sales effortlessly.

Merchants’ pain points


1. Information overload 

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by an astonishing variety of products and really don't know which items to pick, so they end up leaving them behind. The overbearing sea of content across different websites and online stores only makes it harder for them to decide on a purchase. It's no secret that visitors don't like popups and often see them as an annoyance. 

2. Increasing cart abandonment rate

Cart abandonment rates keep climbing. Customers add products to their online shopping cart without completing the purchase for various reasons, such as high additional costs and no coupon codes available. 

This is where Poptin's popups come in handy. If you create popups correctly, they have a huge amount of potential in the scenarios mentioned above, especially when they deliver valuable offers and content to customers (free shipping, coupon code, etc.). So let's explore what Poptin is and how it can bring value to Shoplazza merchants.

Poptin: uses and benefits

Poptin is a conversion optimization toolkit that can boost store sales through popups, forms, autoresponder, and other useful functions. Shoplazza and Poptin have joined forces to empower global merchants by helping them create effective popups and take their GMV effortlessly to the next level. 

Now let’s have a look at the different ways you can use this smart plugin to easily and efficiently create high-performing popups.

1. Make the most of popups


Lightbox Popup 

Lightboxes are the popups that everybody's familiar with. It’s an online form, and when it appears, the background of the page darkens, which grabs the customer's attention immediately. They are widely used for customer email capturing and call-to-action campaigns.

Shoplazza’s merchants can create lightbox popups easily using Poptin’s drag & drop interface and numerous templates. Lightbox popups are the ultimate way to convert your online store visitors into paying customers.

Full-screen exit overlays

Full-screen overlays combined with the Exit intent technology give you the magic to win back a customer’s interest before they leave your online store. When a store visitor wants to close the page without completing the purchase process, the exit-intent trigger is activated, and the popup appears on full screen, giving you a chance to recover abandoned carts. 

It is not only an effective CTA tool but also great for enlarging user email lists. “Sign up to receive a free ebook!” and “Complete the form and learn to boost your sales!” are examples of how you can collect more email addresses from your customers and increase leads and sales with exit overlays.

A slide-in is a discreet popup that, as the name suggests, slides in from the side of the screen while a visitor is browsing your online store. Shoplazza’s merchants can use this popup in their cross-selling or up-selling strategies.

Something that should be kept in mind is how you should give your customers offers that are relevant to the products that they've already bought, as that strategy is one of the keys to locking down those final sales.

Here is an example: if a store offers organic, gluten-free oats, their popup for that product page could offer a 50% discount to buy a bottle of zero-sugar almond milk. This would be a relevant popup because their target audience is people interested in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Top and bottom bars

Another subtle way Shoplazza’s merchants can deliver concise messages to their customers is by using top and bottom bars. This particular feature displays the most important details you want to convey, like a link to a product or collection, coupon codes, or other seasonal offers you may have for your online store visitors. 

Countdown popups

This type of popup creates a sense of urgency and accelerates conversion rates. By updating your visitors about stock levels and promotion deadlines, customers are pushed to decide right away, which speeds up the purchase process.

Gamified popups

The most popular example of gamified popups is the Wheel of Fortune, which provides visitors with a satisfactory and fun reward loop while also converting them into customers. Surprising your first visitors with a gift card by using a Spin to Win popup is a strategy that can generate impressive results!

Another type of gamified popup is the Scratch Cards. They are a great tool to catch your visitors’ attention and encourage them to act. Once the scratch-off popup’s offer is revealed, you can ask for their email address to send them discounts or coupons to boost your email leads.

Video popups 

In today’s world of user-generated content (UGC), Shoplazza’s merchants can easily create high-performing interactive video popups with Poptin to engage more loyal customers. If your video content is interesting and fun, consumers will be more willing to buy your products!

2. Create customizable email forms

In addition to many types of popups, Poptin has a very powerful feature which is the email form. Interactive and intuitive in-line forms can help strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Thanks to a variety of templates and user-friendly editors offered by Poptin, you can craft effective forms and customize fields to suit your business needs. With Poptin, you have access to 50+ native integrations such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend, allowing you to connect with customers seamlessly through a simple sync process. 

Additionally, Poptin’s targeting, A/B testing, and data analysis tools enable you to constantly improve your business’ performance.

3.  Save time with an autoresponder 

Autoresponder is a helpful time-saving tool. As a Shoplazza merchant, you can send automated welcome emails to those who sign up for a newsletter, deepening the relationship with your customers and giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Here are some creative ways to use the autoresponder tool:

  • Surprise first-time visitors with a welcome discount or coupon
  • Cross-selling and upselling when your customer buys a specific item
  • Promote brand-related content
  • Remind customers who have abandoned the checkout page to complete the purchase
  • Convert more qualified leads with targeting & A/B testing features
  • Boost the shopping experience with triggers, so visitors won’t find them annoying
  • Promote on-sale products and collections via email campaigns
  • Announce time-limited discounts/coupon codes with a countdown timer
  • Get feedback from visitors with survey popups

With Poptin’s smart triggers, merchants can send automatic coupon codes or discounts to engage with their customers seamlessly.

Poptin is hassle-free

You don’t need to know anything about coding to use Poptin. It’s a user-friendly plugin,  with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and you have access to various responsive templates as well. As a Shoplazza merchant, you get to create appealing and functional popups super easily.

Poptin, according to other merchants

Find out what  other merchants have to say about Poptin:

The software is easy to use, has super friendly UI, the support team is always there to solve any issue, and the product is always supporting RTM opportunities: Black Friday deals, etc.  

Liraz Postan, CEO, LP Marketing Services Inc.


From the moment I signed up, everything was easy to use. We started converting more leads instantly. They update Poptin all the time and add more and more features.

Yuval Haimov, CEO, ClickCease


Getting started with Poptin was a breeze – we've implemented the widget and connected it to our newsletter within minutes. Our site's conversion rate skyrocketed!

                                                                                  Michael Kamleitner, CEO, Walls.io

Tips for making successful popups for your Shoplazza store

Here are some useful tips for creating great popups:

  1. People are born to appreciate beautiful things, so the design must be fine-tuned and harmonized with the overall style of the online store. this way, customers won’t feel that the popups are inconvenient. 
  2. Segmentation is crucial. Offering personalized popups according to specific demographics or groups, such as first-time visitors, repeat customers, cart abandonment, etc., is highly recommended. 
  3. Giving your customers discount offers always delivers great results.
  4. Some useful popups styles:
  • Discounts for newsletter subscribers
  • Seasonal offers & new collections
  • Free shipping offers
  • Time-limited deals
  • Reminders of abandoned carts
  • Feedback requests

Install Poptin in your Shoplazza store today

We all know that delivering the right message at the right time is key to eCommerce marketing success. Poptin understands this rule well. As a user-friendly tool, it can bring numerous benefits to Shoplazza's merchants, such as acquiring more email sign-ups, generating more qualified leads, and driving more sales. 

Since Poptin is fully integrated with Shoplazza, merchants can simply go to the Shoplazza App Store and install Poptin in their store in just a few steps, and then boost their sales by using interactive popups, forms, and email autoresponders. 

Install Poptin in Shoplazza App Store today and start converting more website visitors into subscribers and customers. 


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Oc Dai

Written By: Oc Dai

Oc Dai is a multilingual international communicator. She applies her knowledge by working as a Global Partnership Consultant at Shoplazza. When not immersed in ecommerce, Oc enjoys exercising, eating healthily and watching documentaries.