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Feb 29, 2024 11:25:20 AM | Shoplazza News Boost Your E-commerce Store with Shoplazza's App Partnership Network

With Shoplazza's new partner, Customily, businesses can offer customers the option to personalize designs and create products just the way they want.

Cover image to announce Shoplazza's Partnership with Customily shows a tote bag, a water bottle and other products with personalized design, together with the words "Add unlimited personalization options to your products and increase sales".

Entrepreneurs tirelessly search for innovative approaches to differentiate their online presence and enhance their position in a competitive marketplace. Shoplazzza, an award-winning E-commerce platform, and Customily, a leading tool for product personalization, provide a compelling answer to tackle this challenge.


Shoplazza: a foundation for E-commerce success

Shoplazza paves the way and lays the foundation for merchants to thrive in the digital economy by delivering a comprehensive platform that streamlines the whole process of development and expansion in the E-commerce space. Take, for example, the intuitive drag-and-drop site builder, the vast selection of themes, and, of course, the potent CMS and ERP solutions, which, by utilizing cutting-edge technology, empower business owners to craft beautiful, adaptive websites without the need for coding. Shoplazza also delivers advanced marketing toolkits that are indispensable in the current business environment, including SEO enhancement, email campaigns, and seamless social media connectivity.

Shoplazza aims to have a global footprint and, by extension, aims to deliver the same objective for its merchants who use the platform. Understanding this, Shoplazza has implemented a multi-currency system with a multi-language function to ensure the businesses can reach the global audience and marketplace. Shoplazza's one-click store migration feature also makes it easy for merchants to migrate from other E-commerce platforms seamlessly and without hassle while minimizing disruptions and preserving data integrity.


Customily: redefining personalization

Customily offers unlimited personalization options, enhancing the E-commerce customer journey while helping businesses grow to their full potential. As the number one choice for product personalization, Customily delivers a complete package of easy-to-use tools to unlock imagination and create that unique flavor of branding, which is critical in the saturated digital economy. Integrating Customily for a wide range of products, from apparel to home decor, empowers entrepreneurs to differentiate their products and scale their businesses.

The benefits of utilizing Customily extend beyond merely customer engagement or conversion. Indeed, it allows merchants to implement a more sustainable inventory management model by producing products on demand, reducing significant waste and unnecessary costs. Customily not only injects uniqueness into brands' stories but also helps online stores adapt quickly with an array of tools to keep growing.


Image shows Customily's interface, with the words "See it for yourself!" at the top of the image.With Customily, Shoplazza merchants can offer customers the option to personalize products and designs.


The synergistic partnership

The partnership between Shoplazza and Customily is a perfect example of how technology can be leveraged to create more value for both businesses and customers in the rapidly shifting digital economy. Shoplazza delivers the foundational infrastructure and innovative tools to build and manage an online store seamlessly, while Customily offers a unique value proposition that redefines product personalization.

It's a collaboration with a shared goal to enhance the customer shopping experience by making it more interactive and personal, helping businesses improve their conversion rates and build stronger customer loyalty and thriving communities. Personalized products, by nature, encourage repeat business as they create a deeper emotional connection between the brand and its customers. By integrating Customily's features into our POD solution, Shoplazza reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative, customer-centric solutions.


Fostering communities and building connections

One of the most significant advantages of the Shoplazza and Customily integration is the ability to cater to a diverse, global customer base. Shoplazza's multi-language and multi-currency features, combined with Customily's customization options, mean that businesses can offer personalized products to customers worldwide in their local language and currency. Shoplazza's extensive partner program further supports this global reach, which connects businesses with developers, influencers, and other resources worldwide to help them grow and succeed.


Celebrating innovation and growth

This new partnership between Shoplazza and Customily is not just about offering personalized products; it's about celebrating the culture of creativity in the digital age. Technology has made it possible for anyone to become an entrepreneur with significantly less starting capital. It allows people to tap into their imagination and not worry about the technical aspect, which often takes work for everyone to understand. By providing a powerful and easy-to-use platform, Shoplazza enables entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best—creating unique products and building their organic brand image. Meanwhile, Customily's wide range of personalization tools allows businesses to build distinct brands, elevate, and boost sales.


Looking ahead

The partnership between Shoplazza and Customily marks a significant milestone for Shoplazza merchants. It combines easy-to-use page-building processes with the number one product customization and brand personalization App in E-commerce. This collaboration paves the way for online stores to scale, enhance the store's appeal, and fuel their growing brand power. With the proven, cutting-edge technology of Shoplazza and the unique features of Customily, your business can distinguish itself and achieve long-term success.

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