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Jun 27, 2022 9:44:00 AM | Sell Your Products Use TikTok Business to Build your Power Business Community at Shoplazza

With TikTok business features, millions of business owners are handed over a new weapon for ushering the new frontiers in the eCommerce world.


Table of contents

  1. Utilize TikTok to reach your customers
  2. Connect your brand with community commerce 

"I just bought it because of TikTok" is redefining and revolutionizing the way how consumers purchase through the new partnership between TikTok and Shoplazza. The global leading online-store building platform not only recognizes the unexplored business potential but also believes the new video trend will usher in the next phase of the eCommerce market. And there's no doubt TikTok will make the products and brands go absolutely viral! 

TikTok's users have already watched countless influencers discuss their favorite products, from household items to makeup to clothing and more. The comment sections are usually filled with other users begging for links to purchase, but the App currently does not support hyperlinks in the comments. Instead, potential customers are left pursuing the internet in search of a viral product.

Video content, no matter short or long, is filled every corner of the internet space. Influencers are pouring into TikTok to present products from household items to makeup and so much more. However, the App currently is not supporting any purchasing-related hyperlinks to be inserted into the description or the comment section. Instead, potentially intrigued customers have to leave the platform to pursue the search from other corners of the internet. 

This time, with the new strategic partnership with TikTok, more than 360,000 Shoplazza's global merchants are now enabled to not just create a shopping tab on their profiles but also insert the product links within any TikTok video posts. Meanwhile, through the Shoplazza portal, merchants are empowered with another great automation feature by synchronizing the product feeds directly to the TikTok Catalogue manager. This feature is expected to be available to all merchants in July 2022.


Utilize TikTok to reach your customers

TikTok has exploded on all levels of the social media scenery, even before the beginning of the pandemic. According to TikTok, more than 700 million people, including influencers worldwide, will be presiding on the platform on a monthly basis by the end of 2022. 

Businesses of all sizes and shapes are flocking and adhering to the platform not only for showcasing the products but also to exert personal charisma. Business owners now sell almost everything from makeup, beauty care, and jewelry to garments, keychains, and even properties, cars, and yachts. People from all backgrounds achieve massive success by offering unique 60 seconds viral videos every day. A recent survey of the TikTok sellers shows a significant sales increment has been a direct result since the day they started to promote on TikTok. Stronger sales are driving more production, and more bills are paid off,  more jobs are created and offered to the people in need. Simultaneously, the business owners are transformed into the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) by offering success tips and consultations on succeeding in a small business.

Besides the 60-second video, tons of people are empowered by the TikTok platform to demonstrate literally every aspect of their work and private life to the public, from packing the orders to handling a returned order. The audiences are always fascinated and intrigued by the eCommerce handling process. The showcase is definitely bringing the customers and sellers closer than ever. TikTok business owners use popular templates or hashtags to get better visibility or create a totally immersive visual experience to present an exciting story. All these efforts simply grab eyeballs and potential business opportunities. 

And with TikTok business features, millions of business owners are handed over a new weapon for ushering the new frontiers in the eCommerce world. 

TikTok For Business

TikTok For Business comprises a suite of eCommerce solutions and advertising tools that enable business owners to utilize the power of TikTok and make influence customers' purchasing decisions. In addition, with TikTok Ads Manager, merchants are now offered tools for the full-eCommerce solutions, wherein everything a merchant needs to fulfill an order is available in the package. At Shoplazza, we profoundly understand the vital role that process automation plays across each step of daily operation. Therefore, Shoplazza empowers merchants to one-click to enable automatic product feed synchronization. 

Embedded Product Links

Embedding the product links is a powerful way to call out the audiences' shopping passion as soon as they are intrigued by the product video. Customers no longer have to drop out the video and app, then long for the product from the search engine. Merchants can compile different products into a catalog and display the catalog link in any relevant videos to allow customers directly explore the product features easily without leaving the app. 

TikTok Live Shopping

Shopping via livestreaming has been a proven business model to create a unique bond between viewers and influencers. The level of interaction and conversion with the viewers is phenomenal. In addition, Livestreaming allows business owners to showcase and offer immersive user experiences through Live demonstrations and product testing, all offered by the influencer. 

Viewers can directly see the result of the product and how this result may be reflected upon themselves. It creates a unique immersive purchasing experience. 


Connect your brand with community commerce 

Throughout the pandemic period, TikTok has undoubtedly been sought-after in the entertainment universe. The short-form video definitely created vast spaces for creativities and business opportunities. Merchants around the globe are navigating the best ways to break through among millions of contenders on the platform. But to be honest, it's never an easy job to capitalize on user-generated content to promote the products and brand. But inviting or letting the community speak of your product and brand on their behalf is the key. As business owners, they need to listen to this organic feedback and comments as valuable insight. 

There are still tons of features that we can go through. Next time, we will discuss how to connect your TikTok Business account to the Shoplazza store. Stay tuned. 

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Written By: Luk.Chan

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