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Introduce Shoplazza and the benefits it offers to your business. Also outline helpful tips on successfully setting up a website for your business.

Table of Content

  1. An Overview of the Shoplazza Platform
  2. Benefits of the Shoplazza e-commerce Platform to Startups and Small Businesses Owners
  3. Tips for Setting up your Website on Shoplazza 
  4. Conclusion


With all that goes into building a website, startups and small business owners might encounter difficulties while trying to get one. Business owners now need to connect with their target audiences online, thanks to technology. 

Therefore, there is a need to make a life-changing decision for your brand. This decision could be choosing between hiring a web developer to build your company a website or drag and drop a few ready-made templates on an eCommerce site like Shoplazza, and you’d be done. 

This blog post will discuss the Shoplazza platform briefly and the benefits it offers your startup or small business. Similarly, it will outline helpful tips on successfully setting up a website for your business using Shoplazza.

An Overview of the Shoplazza Platform

Shoplazza is the best eCommerce platform for startups and small businesses. However, its functionalities and features are not exclusive to this set of businesses. It functions optimally even for enterprises. 

The owner built the platform in 2017 to help entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses on a single platform through the use of technology. Shoplazza is enriched with every tool you need to set up your online store and effectively manage it. These tools will foster your business growth, increase your reach, get you more customers, improve your sales or fulfill other conversion goals. 

To help you expand, succeed, reach your goals, hit your target, and make expected ROIs (Returns on Investments), Shoplazza partnered with several companies to make that happen through its eCommerce site. Shoplazza’s notable partners are Amazon Web services (AWS), Google, Ali Express, Paypal, and Facebook.

Benefits of the Shoplazza eCommerce Platform to Startups and Small Business Owners

Numerous small businesses without websites and startup owners have switched to using the Shoplazza platform to build online shops for their products and services. Angela Zhang is a perfect example of an entrepreneur who used Shoplazza to launch her brand. One of the reasons she chose this eCommerce platform over others like Wix and Shopify is that it is beginner-friendly. 

In this section, we will share the benefits of using the Shoplazza eCommerce website for your startup or small business. 


1. Cost-saving


Small businesses often encounter issues with raising funds to run and grow. With this knowledge in mind, the owner of Shoplazza built it and made it affordable to new and growing companies.

Moreover, the pricing plans are not just affordable, but they also give you full access to all the features that you need to support your business. For instance, you could subscribe to the Basic Plan for $28 per month. Then, if you compare the features of the Basic Plan with others, you will realize that you can enjoy the same benefits.  


2. Accurate Inventory Management


Shoplazza offers accurate inventory management to startups and small businesses. However, when stocks, goods in raw materials, or finished products are improperly managed, it could be a disaster. 

Hence, on your website, you will be able to track the number of goods ordered, supplied, or sold and the quantity left. You can choose to sell to customers directly or dropship (while you act as the middleman). To get started with dropshipping on Shoplazza, visit the Shoplazza App Store and get the Buttonify app. 


3. Team Management


As an entrepreneur, you must define who does what in your organization. Allocating job roles and responsibilities is not only possible in a physical store. You can make it happen in your online store on Shoplazza.  

Let’s say you get the Advanced Plan for $59/month; you can add up to six staff members. For example, one might handle inventory while you assign another to accounts. At the same time, one also might oversee CRM (customer relationship management) and so on. 


4. Multi-language Feature


The multi-language feature on Shoplazza is one of the ways the eCommerce store uses to prep and propel you into the global space. Since the company reaches about 150+ countries with different languages, you can also set up your website with the Shoplazza Native Translation API to make it accessible to all.


5. Data Protection


As customer data collection is crucial to interacting with customers, Shoplazza values data protection following the Canada data protection laws and acts on its platform. Therefore, it is needless to worry about the cost of investing in data privacy, buying data protection technologies, hiring data protection officers, etc.


6. Blogging


Blogging draws traffic, increases traffic to your website, and markets your products. A blogging statistics report by Semrush showed that blogging would also ease your content marketing strategy. The blog feature is available on your Shoplazza eCommerce website to help your brand share valuable content, drive attention to your products, and make sales. 


Tips for Setting up your Website on Shoplazza 

Setting up a website for your startup or small business without a website on Shoplazza is easy. If done right, it will turn your company into one of the fastest-growing businesses. 

In quick and simple steps, we shall share how to set up a website for your company on Shoplazza. Mind you; you do not need to be a guru at coding or anything of that sort before you can create a website on Shoplazza.

1. Sign up on Shoplazza. Before choosing a paid plan, you have a free trial plan that you can enjoy for seven days. Then you can try your hands on a few features. Select the theme, colors, and font types that best communicate your brand to your target customers. Next, choose your preferred shipping and payment plans.

2. Choose a domain for your brand. Then, you can begin to add your products. If you have an eCommerce website on other platforms like Amazon, Squarespace, WooCommerce, etc., you can migrate to Shoplazza

The migration page on Shoplazza

The migration process will automatically export your website blog, product, and customers from those platforms to Shoplazza. Log into your account > go to application market > open the one-click migration feature to migrate. 

Next, go to your account on the other eCommerce platform > copy your domain name prefix > input it into the migration store URL > create a store key > copy the store key and the accompanying password.

Then, enter the password into the app you created after logging into your account > copy it into the shopkeeper > select the products and other data you wish to migrate to your Shoplazza store.

3. To launch, select a budget-friendly plan and begin to sell.



Shoplazza has various features that will promote your startup or small business. It is the best eCommerce platform you can place your brand on that is budget-friendly and effective. To make your brand a part of this, join a host of others already enjoying the Shoplazza features and start selling

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Written By: Victor James

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