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Nov 9, 2022 7:00:00 AM | Shoplazza News ShopTalk Fall Meetup 2022: Shoplazza's Impressive Enterprise Solutions

Shoplazza wows retailers at ShopTalk Fall Meetup 2022 with enterprise solutions for ecommerce.

Cover image with the words: ShopTalk Fall Meetup, online, Oct 18-20, 2022, with Shoplazza's logo at the bottom.

October 18-20, 2022. Shoplazza joined a 1300+ group from the retail community through virtual meetings at the ShopTalk Fall Meetup 2022. The event provided a virtual gathering space for the retail ecosystem to connect, learn, and collaborate. As a leader in global shopping cart SaaS, Shoplazza dazzled the retail community with enterprise-level eCommerce solutions.

Shoplazza met with potential partners at the event to showcase our product and services, as well as to explore opportunities to offer collaborative eCommerce solutions to global merchants. Shoplazza demonstrated key features for enterprise-level retailers wishing to migrate to Shoplazza, with an emphasis on accessibility, flexible pricing, co-marketing, and co-branding initiatives.

Other innovative service providers at the ShopTalk Fall Meetup include Avataar, a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) furniture visualizer which helps users to see how products would look in various spaces.

Bodidata is another AR platform that uses an AR-integrated system to help customers “try on” clothes by projecting visual product representations onto the user’s body. This helps to bridge the gap between online and physical shopping.

Other notable presentations include the Mux API and Heyday by Hootsuite. Mux facilitates online auctions on live-streaming platforms through direct audience participation and various seller-side customization options. By using Mux, merchants can showcase their products while interacting with viewers in real-time.

Heyday by Hootsuite innovates the customer service experience with improved chatbots that can accurately deliver answers to customer queries, including product availability and color options. All you need is a simple widget. 

Shoplazza benefited greatly from the rich selection of case studies and partner insights into product design, which conveyed a genuine passion for better product experiences. We look forward to sharing new functions and insights from our new partners with Shoplazza merchants to help take their stores to new heights. 

Shoplazza enterprise-level solutions are powered, in part, by our diverse partner ecosystem, which can empower businesses of all shapes and sizes. We greatly value our partners, as well as developers, and look forward to growing together.

We are committed to providing all-in-one eCommerce solutions for scaling global businesses using the most advanced technology and built-in integrations.

Shoplazza will always be open to more by providing tomorrow-ready tech solutions!

Written by: Shoplazza

Shoplazza is a cloud-based eCommerce platform for online retailers.