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Check out our quick 4-Step checklist for setting up Twitter Holiday Campaigns! 

Is your eCommerce store ready for the holiday season (and largest eCommerce events of the year)? 

There’s a ton of prep work that goes into planning for online holiday shopping events as you’re probably aware of. To help make your life easier, check out our quick 4-Step checklist for setting up Twitter Holiday Campaigns! 


Step 1. Collect and Set Up Tracking For Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are essential for Twitter success, not only do they help people who don’t follow your account discover your content easier, but hashtags can also feed your content creation team with more creative ideas and potential special offers that you haven’t thought of for this coming holiday season! 

There is a wealth of hashtag research tools out there, while you can also spend your time on Twitter scouring for the right ones, you can also check out these hashtag tools to save some time: 

  1. Text Optimizer: this tool helps you to discover relevant hashtags outside of the realm of the most obvious hashtags. Text Optimizer analyzes the semantics of any input to find the underlying topics that may bring you a surprising amount of hashtags, leads, and, maybe, even conversions! 
  2. Trends24: a super underrated online resource overlooked by many marketers. While Trends24 isn’t a keyword research tool, it is updated hourly with the top 10 trending hashtags from around the world, so that you can keep tabs on everything trending for the past 24 hours. Yes, this website tracks all trending hashtags (top 10) from every single region that Twitter is available in. In all language formats. What are you waiting for? 
  3. this is at the bottom of our list because it’s a freemium keyword research tool, so it’s not exactly free. As a free user, you can still access useful information including, a list of hashtags to research. Now if you choose to upgrade your membership, then you’ll find helpful metrics like Google search volume, changes in monthly search volume over the last 12 months, as well as the cost per click and competition corresponding to each keyword. 


Step 2. Optimize Your Online Store For Conversions 

Before you set up and launch your Twitter campaign, you need to figure out what it is that you want Twitter referral traffic to do on your eCommerce website! 

For holiday shopping events, you would typically need to optimize the following landing pages: special deals page, product bundle page, gift idea page, and individual product details pages! 

You have to make sure that these pages work well (look good and load fast) on mobile devices. 

You also need to set up personalized Call to Actions, as well as remarketing methods such as abandonment emails, in addition to having product recommendations that make sense for the holiday season!  


Step 3. Keep Tabs on Your Competition

Before you start planning your Twitter holiday campaign, figure out how your competition is preparing for the biggest eCommerce events of the year! You can obviously check out their website, but their campaigns may not fit your marketing objectives. In which case, we recommend using AdSpy to look for historical ad campaigns from your competitors on various social media platforms. AdSpy is also a freemium tool and, if you’re as allergic to paying as we are, you can also check out BigSpy, a free tool that promises more features for freeloaders!  


Step 4. Track Your Results

It should go without saying that you need to track your campaign results. But you might not be aware of just how easy the SHOPLAZZA admin page makes it to track audience data (devices, inbound platform, geography), customer behavior, hot zones for onsite activity, and more! Simply head to your dashboard for a macro view of everything you need to know plan and carry out an even more successful Twitter marketing campaign next year! 

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