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Jun 22, 2022 10:49:00 AM | Shoplazza News Small Business Leaders Program | Future of E-commerce with Shoplazza

Shoplazza Canada has launched and initiated a pilot project Future Small Business Leaders Program.

This week, Shoplazza Canada has launched and initiated a pilot project, "Future Small Business Leaders Program". We debuted Shoplazza GoLive Podcast by inviting the very first Afro-Canadian small business leader 'Yorly Balu' with her brand 'Yorly's Beauty' to the program. Go to Shoplazza GoLive on RSS.com, Spotify, Amazon Music and Samsung Music to listen to Yorly's story. 

Shoplazza Small Business Leaders Program

From this year, Shoplazza Canada initiated a program aiming to assist Canadian and American small business owners to expand their business scale from local to global. Since the begining of the pandemic, all businesses at any shape and size are deeply impacted by the prolonged lock-downs, stringent public safety measures and the public panic. Many small business owners lose businesses and customers. 

Now, as we're towards the post-pandemic era. Shoplazza Canada invits any small business owners to join us, utilize global cloud infrastrucutres to benefit your businesses with Shoplazza, and scale up to next level. 

Let's dive a bit into what the program offers to optimize your business potentials:

  1. Global exposures of Business Owner's profile, Shoplazza Canada team will join hands with the small business owners to promote your stories and concepts.
  2. Local to Global digital campaign joint-forces, we will work with the owners with your digital campaign strategies, plans and performance trackings.
  3. 24/7 Experts supports, our ecommerce experts will brainstorm and work side-by-side to help you get through the pits.


If you have any questions or further contact us, find us: learnca@shoplazza.com

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Written By: Luk.Chan

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