Jun 9, 2022 9:05:00 AM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza | Relaunching New Brand with New Voice to the Global Market

The root of Shoplazza's success lies at the center of its open strategy of collaborating with partners and creating value for the merchants. 

Shoplazza Brand Relaunching

Today, we're proud to launch Shoplazza's new identity as we fresh our look to the global market. The previous brand identity, the logo, and the look have accompanied Shoplazza through the last five fruitful years. Also, they witnessed the birth and the growth of Shoplazza with our 360,000+ merchants, global investors, and worldwide partners.

As we're marching toward the global market, our featured cross-border eCommerce store building technology is widely recognized as we're marching towards the global market. To embrace a more diversified market and audience profile, Shoplazza needs to change with the times. That said, a change is inevitable and imperative to help the global market understand who we are. But the backbone of Shoplazza remains the same.

Our previous logo was created during the exponential growth period, sending out a message that Shoplazza always opens its door to merchants, partners, investors, and employees. This time, we conclude all the concepts and core strategies that supported the most fundamental operation and management style through various angles and perceptions. 

A more succinct expression of a brand's core strategy and philosophy is concluded, 'Open to More .' Shoplazza continues its open-collaboration strategy with the merchants, partners, investors, and employees. The gene and character of the brand are more distinctive than ever. The root of Shoplazza's success lies at the center of its open strategy of collaborating with partners and creating value for the merchants. 


What is a brand for Shoplazza?

"Brand" is a jargon that we constantly talk about. But rarely can it be explained. Therefore, we are defining it this time as an instinct, a gut feeling, and an immediate reaction to a brand. 

How do we express ourselves as Shoplazza?

Our new brand identity is expressed across different mediums. A brand new launched home website, as well as an award-winning admin console where you can build and command the online store from one place. 

Our new logo and brand tone also extend to all social media platforms and partners' web pages. Once you type 'Shoplazza' into the search engine, Voilà! New Shoplazza awaits you.

How do we share the brand voices?

Shoplazza continues to voice out not just for spreading the words of its featured product and service, but also for the merchants, partners, investors, and employees. Therefore, our audiences from any part of the world will be able to get to know the Shoplazza people, the most invaluable assets to the brand, via different channels. You may read various topics from Shoplazza blog, where we continue to offer from-the-trench insights, brand voices, and peoples' stories so that the market may know us better.


“My business grows global with Shoplazza

Shoplazza has catered to many new startup businesses while growing and expanding the business scope and our merchants. Our featured DTC services have been lifetime partners to many of our high-valued merchants. Shoplazza started from a less than 10 people's team, now scaling up to more than 300 employees across different global offices. We understand not just the labor pain but also the growing one. Therefore, we know profoundly how to accompany our clients with each step along their business journey. We're extending our excellent services to serve more startups and small to medium businesses with our barrier-free online store building cloud. 


Shoplazza grows as Shoplazza Global

To create a brand that would take us into the future—and show the world who we really are—we wanted to tie together these three areas.

Having a consistent voice across the whole brand is how we can build trust. Trust is not a writing principle, but it's created when using principles to help the brand communicate with its audience.

Keeping our tone of voice consistent and checking communication against these principles is vital in building trust with our merchants. Being engaging, bold, and considered in all our messaging will establish a clear voice for Shoplazza.

Shoplazza logo

Our logo is iconic and is a bold and distinct representation of Shoplazza. The following guidance ensures it always looks its best.

Shoplazza Icon

Our icon represents the growth and endless possibilities when using Shoplazza. The two shapes from our brand language come together to create the S.


Shoplazza Color

Our colors help us stand out. The palette is bold and expressive, with built-in flexibility to suit a wide variety of applications.

Shoplazza Primary color

Red is Shoplazza's primary color. Our Red is bold and vibrant, capturing audiences' attention and creating a distinct and memorable look for our brand.

Shoplazza Secondary color

Our secondary colors include Cobalt, Ice, Peach, Cream, Grey, Black, and White. These colors compliment and contrast our primary Red to build a rich and exciting world of colors for Shoplazza.

To live our new brand—and for people to feel proud of Shoplazza—we know we have to continue to provide the best we can to our merchants, and continue to give back in our efforts toward win-win strategies for small business owners. And always stay true to the vision and values that guide us.

Now, we're proud to say we finally have something that fits. We've built a brand that we hope inspires people to act through passion and empathy and the one that brings actual changes to you and your loved families. 

Written By: Canada Content Team

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