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Jun 7, 2022 12:13:00 PM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza Podcast Debut | Grow your business at Shoplazza

Shoplazza GoLive Podcast is ready to go online from Monday April 25,2022. Join the very first debut program today!

Today, Shoplazza Canadian Content Production team is proud to announce the Shoplazza GoLive Podcast of its very first debut program ready to go online from Monday April 25,2022. The channel aims to help millions of small to medium business owners to get more real-world business ideas and tips, meanwhile, getting to know the community where they may find help and support.

Our Podcast programs will be hosted by Serge, who has extensive expertises in retail sales and podcasting field. This march, Serge was invited to join Shoplazza Canadian Content team to extend his talents and charisma to a broader eCommerce market. 

Shoplazza GoLive Podcast channels are currently available on Spotify and Google Podcast, simply search "Shoplazza Go Live" to find our programs on these two platforms. We'll also extending our voice presence to Apple Podcast soon during May. 

The channel will offer the following programs:

  1. Merchant talk shows, to offer their from-the-trench experiences and insights.
  2. Shoplazza people, we will invite Shoplazza employees to share their perceptions, thoughts and ideas on how to grow your ecommerce business locally and globally. 
  3. Growing your business with Shoplazza, to offer specific ideas, brainstorming sessions and analysis on chosen ecommerce product niches or industries. 

Remember, the program starts from April 25, 2022! Stay tuned and Stay safe!


Shoplazza Canada Content team




Written By: Luk.Chan

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