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Jun 11, 2022 11:59:00 AM | Success Stories Shoplazza Women Entrepreneur | Yorly's Cosmetics relaunches on Shoplazza

Yorly shared her ups and downs, business insights, and success secrets about her brand with the audience.


Join Shoplazza and celebrate the success, the resilience and the spirit of Women Entrepreneurs around the world!

Yorly's Natural Cosmetic!

Yorly, a young francophonie Canadien, a mother of two beautiful children, an active Ontarien social worker, an entrepreneur of Yorly Cosmetics, a gastronomy Vlogger and of course, a dreamer! 

This time, on Shoplazza GoLive Podcasting and Youtube channels, Yorly will join us and share her ups and downs, business insights, hopefully one or two success secrets with the audience on the coming program, April 29 2022. Also, after many trials on different other web building platforms. Eventually, she decided to collaborate with Shoplazza and re-launch her global cosmetic ecommerce store. Meanwhile, Shoplazza Canada team will fully support her online operations across different areas, digital campaign, inventory and fulfillment management. 

It’s never easy to pursue a business while supporting the family. Through the story of Yorly and his family, we hope to inspire many people who may temporarily find themselves in some sort of obstacles, but with time, patience and resilience. They can reposition their life goals and faiths to build a better and brighter future! 

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Written By: Luk.Chan

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