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Jun 2, 2022 1:42:00 PM | Shoplazza News GoLive Webinar | How to Start Global eCommerce Business from Home

Learn how to start an eCommerce business at home and how Shoplazza empowers you to start a global online business.

Learn how to start eCommerce business at home

  1. Webinar info pack
  2. How Shoplazza empowers you to start a global online business

Ecommerce industry is exploding, no doubt. On the other hand, it’s sad to witness the brick and mortar stores close down at any sizes and shapes. Shopping online has not only been a trend, but a necessity.  Stable jobs become unstable. People lose the usual sense of career stability over the unexpected global events that pushed everyone home and away from their conventional objectives. More and more folks are seizing the opportunities to join the ecommerce industry, learning and growing. Here, at Shoplazza Canada, as a global leading SaaS store-building platform, we’ll begin a project “Grow our business together across Canada” by offering live programs to facilitate the audiences to acquire the know-how, tools and resources for starting and improving their ecommerce business.


Webinar info pack

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Thursday April 17, 2022

19:00 - 20:00

Eastern Time-Toronto

How to start global ecommerce business from home

  1. Register via learnca@shoplazza.com
  2. Join us on Slack / Shoplazza Canada / start your business from home.

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How Shoplazza empowers you to start a global online business

One of Shoplazza’s key missions is to break the technical barriers for anyone who wishes to start an online business at any size and shape. That means when you come to Shoplazza, what you will get is an entire system that has simplified the ecommerce website building process which used to be handled and developed by an entire team of front and back engineers. The front end engineering work loads now are condensed into a simple store template.


What is ecommerce store template

An Ecommerce store template is a group of pre-programmed web pages performing different key functions, such as home page, showcase products, blog page, shopping cart page and checkout page. Merchants are required only to get all the content ready to upload to each desired position, including logo, product images and descriptions. 


The framework of the store template is made flexible and scalable, you can add or modify any features from your online store via the featured code editor where you or your coding specialist can use liquid language to make everything possible. 


Modularized online store building system

As mentioned before, our mission is to empower people or businesses at any size or shape to put their dreams into action, create their global brand and store front. Therefore, Shoplazza simplified the entire process into 6 critical steps.

  1. Storefront editing, via theme library and theme editor.
  2. Inventory and product management, where you can process all product feed related actions, also track each step of your orders.
  3. Payment channels, where you can use different payment options to leverage your business.
  4. Digital marketing, you are empowered with the built-in tools to work on Google, Facebook Meta and TikTok platforms to plan and execute the global campaigns. Meanwhile, utilizing Shoplazza featured built-in promotion tools to get more conversions during each holiday season.
  5. Shipping, get your product shipping label ready from home and have your orders shipped out to the world with ease.
  6. Appstore, where you can easily access all featured applications to serve different purposes.


Business models

By integrating and combining different features and applications, Shoplazza intends to help merchants to deal with different business scenarios and models in order to achieve their success. 


Shoplazza GoLive 

Shoplazza Canada team will be organizing weekly Live programs to help merchants across the world to better understand and utilize the tools or resources made available by Shoplazza.

Shoplazza GoLive Webinar

Through the webinar, we offer product ecommerce solutions to merchants, developers and affiliates. We encourage our audiences to try different means to expand their revenue sources. For more information, stay tuned or join our Slack community. {channel id: C03A4BYPSM8}

Shoplazza PodCast

We’ll be inviting merchants across the world to join us, to help our fellow merchants to get more insights, ideas, inspirations and support. We are available on the following platforms.

  1. Google Podcast
  2. Spotify
  3. Apple Podcast


Webinar theme {April 14,2022}

During the first webinar, we will go through three different channels where you can utilize your best talent and knowledge to create and expand your revenue streams with Shoplazza. Meanwhile, we’ll introduce you with the features and applications to cater to different business scenarios. 

Written By: Luk.Chan

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