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Jun 24, 2022 6:00:00 PM | Shoplazza News CJDropshipping is Better Than Oberlo for Global Fulfillment

CJ dropshipping performs as an ultimate solution of being the one-stop sourcing and fulfillment platform with all services that merchants may need.


CJdropshipping or Oberlo? Whether you are an eCommerce newbie or seasoned veteran, it's inevitably sure that you must have felt very baffled about which one to go with your dropshipping business. But unfortunately, most merchants, including me,  stopped scratching their heads and figured out which platform they should rely on to expand their dropshipping business and product sourcing efficiency. So, yes, we go with CJdropshipping. And today, we will discuss why CJdropshipping will live up to its hype!

Oberlo used to be undoubtedly one of the ideal dropshipping tools for many dropshippers or merchants. However, we are all shocked by the news that they are terminating this Shopify-based dropshipping tool by June 15, 2022. In this case, many dropshippers will start to look for a new platform among a whole range of Oberlo alternatives to keep their business running.


Table of contents: 

  1. Story of CJdropshipping
  2. Why do more merchants choose CJdropshipping over Oberlo?
    1) The quality control from CJ
    2) CJ global order fulfillment
    3) CJ dropshipping lister
    4) Sourcing products from CJ global warehouses
    5) CJ Print-on-demand (POD)
    6) Custom packaging from CJ
  3. CJ global warehouses
  4. CJdropshipping at Shoplazza

Story of CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping, aka CJ,  is a global dropshipping platform offering quality product sourcing, order shipping and fulfillment, global warehousing, and many more featured services that we will touch upon later in this article. 

CJ offers not only traditional marketplace-resembling product sourcing but an ultimate solution for global dropshippers or merchants to fulfill their orders much faster while still benefiting from the significant wholesale pricing level. In short, dropshippers or merchants don't have to suffer the month-long shipping time from Aliexpress but directly fulfill orders from CJ's warehouses located throughout the major continents, like Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 

CJ is now integrated with 15 major global eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Shoplazza, WooCommerce, etc. It offers more than 700,000 quality-vetted and ready-to-ship products across numerous categories that are located across its global warehouses. 

Why do more merchants choose CJdropshipping over Oberlo?

More merchants are moving on to CJ not just because of the imminent closure of Oberlo service but because CJ performs as a true and ultimate solution of being the one-stop sourcing and fulfillment platform with all the possible services that merchants may need.

Above all, CJ is a wholesaler offering diversified products for dropshippers and merchants to practice one most classical commerce trading models: an online price arbitrage (known as dropshipping). Basically, dropshipper sources the ideal product at a cheap rate and sell it at a much higher one. CJ allows dropshippers or merchants to purchase products at wholesale prices without hoarding a large amount of their stock beforehand. And obviously, you get even better profit margins at CJ in larger amounts and keep them in the nearby warehouses of your destination country of sales. Secondly, CJ is specifically designed for dropshippers. With its 360-degree service model, any merchants or dropshippers of any size and shape can easily start scratch to build a new dropshipping business or expand the existing one to the global stage. 

Advantages of CJ 

We have mentioned that one of the main benefits of Dropshipping is its wholesale prices for non-wholesale orders with its global partnership as an approved dropship supplier for eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. The actual advantages are a lot more. Let's name a few more key features here and dig deeper further in the next few articles.

  • No monthly subscription fee unless for more advanced services;
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ);
  • No extra charge to store CJ products across global warehouses;
  • Free sourcing and listing;
  • Automated order fulfillment and process tracking;
  • Reliable shipping time and reasonable cost;
  • Global warehouses network.
  • Custom packaging/branding/white label;
  • Original Oder Manufacturing (ODM) and Print on Demand (POD) service for both sellers and buyers;
  • Product quality inspection;
  • Product photo/video shooting service;
  • 7/24 customer support.

The quality control from CJ

CJ Dropshipping, as a rapidly-growing dropshipping platform on a global scale, has tons of featured services to offer to dropshippers and merchants all over the world. 

One of the most significant benefits, according to the majority of the merchants, is the variety of ready-to-ship CJ products, the quality, and wholesale prices. It's almost worry-free for any dropshippers or merchants to be concerned with the product qualities since they are properly vetted before listing. 

For one example, CJ is collaborating with more than 400 different fabric suppliers to offer trendy apparel-related products on the platform. The most awesome and crucial part of their collaboration is that CJ Dropshipping teams control the quality of the products from each CJ warehouse before shipment. Each product is vetted in terms of quality by the CJ team around the world. 

In this case, dropshippers or merchants can save tons of time and energy by investigating the reliability of the sellers and whether their reviews are legitimate. It significantly increased the efficiency and productivity for them to re-invest the precious time on product sourcing or other essential operations. Because they sell from only one seller, that is CJdropshipping!

Dropshippers or merchants are able to browse and sell more than 700,000 product-pool across 13 categories from CJ warehouses located in various locations to add to your dropshipping store right away. The interface is straightforward enough, even for dropshipping newbies.


CJ global order fulfillment

So far, we've discussed some of the very core features of CJdropshipping, but the key strengths extend a lot more. As the dropshipper or the merchant completes the product sourcing at CJ platform, the next challenge that they face is no doubt the fulfillment. As we speak of fulfillment, and amazingly, CJdropshipping takes care entire fulfillment process right from warehousing, packaging, shipping, and lastly, down to each shipment tracking. 

The overall advantage for CJdropshipping is pretty clear that the rapidly growing platform belongs to the very few dropshipping platforms that not only offer product recommendations but also fulfill each order with its global warehouse and fulfillment networks. If you use DSer, Oberlo, or other dropshipping platforms, usually a dropshipper or merchant will end up negotiating with the seller from Aliexpress. 

Dropshipping fulfillment with no minimum order

Let's dive a bit further into the fulfillment models from CJ. When dropshipper or merchants execute the classic dropshipping business model, the online price arbitrage is where they can start to order only 1 item,  and CJ will ship it without any minimum order quantity required.  

Wholesale fulfillment

Furthermore, as we discussed in prior chapters, CJ dropshipping offers items at wholesale prices. Dropshipper or merchants can order various items in bulk and let CJ fulfill these items to any warehouses located across the globe. In another case, dropshipper or merchants can ask CJ to fulfill and store the items from their own suppliers at the minimum costs as the processing fees charged by CJdropshipping. 


CJ dropshipping lister

As we keep exploring the features, there's one feature that we, the dropshippers, all love about, which is the CJ Lister. CJ Lister allows merchants to synchronize any CJ product feeds right to your connected stores across major eCommerce platforms, like Shoplazza, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

Simply speaking, it automatically exports all the product details, including product titles, descriptions, images, dimensions, and specifications, to your desired stores. In this case, you can directly use CJdropshipping as your primary dropshipping source platform, but with the guarantee of product quality, local warehouse storage, fast shipping, and tracking tools. All of these functions are offered from one place and only at CJdropshipping. 

Besides, it's just so easy to operate. Simply navigate to a product page, and the "List" button sits right under the product image. 


Sourcing products from CJ global warehouses

What if a dropshipper or merchant can not find the desired product on the CJdropshipping platform? The answer is simple, CJ offers immense possibilities for clients to explore and locate a specific product and eventually bring the products to the client. 

Let's look into a more detailed case. A client went to Aliexpress and saw a product not offered by CJ. But you want to sell it from your existing CJdropshipping account and service network. That's where CJdropshipping sourcing request enters the game. 

A client can drop the request to CJ for sourcing products from Aliexpress, 1688, Shopify powered stores, Walmart, and Amazon. Isn't it amazing that working with CJdropshipping will directly expand your sourcing scheme with infinite possibilities? 

Once the CJ team processes the request, they will look for a manufacturer who produces the item or possesses the item's inventory with the lowest price. You may wonder how CJ does it? Because CJdropshipping is collaborating with more than 200 manufacturers across different countries. One example, one of CJ's partners, International Trade Mart at Futian Market in China, offers more than 2000 various categories of products covering over 40 industries. 

CJ Print-on-demand (POD) 

Print-On-Demand, aka POD, you may not be surprised when someone drops this idea to you. However, when I navigated to the POD page on the CJdropshipping platform, I was astonished by the enormous choices offered to dropshippers. At CJ, you can literally print anything on any selected items! 

CJ's dropshipping selection certainly has gone beyond my limited perception of POD. Now we're able to design not only garments but jewelry, watches, office supplies, bags, beauty products, and so much more choices. To many dropshippers like me, CJ has revolutionized how traditional POD defines itself!

It's a super-efficient way to produce the products with your label for some dropshippers or merchants who wish to maintain specific brand exposure over each sale. On top of the quality guarantee, storage everywhere, and fast shipment, you now have one more weapon to design any products the way you want. 


Custom packaging from CJ

Many dropshippers look for a way to have customized packaging from fulfillment houses, resellers, or shipping vendors. Still, it's proven to be troublesome and costly since the items have to be arranged to ship elsewhere to get package services. 

At CJdropshipping, you can shop at a one-stop-for-all. There are two great options, the Pre-Designed Packaging service, and My Custom Packaging service. 

First, CJ's Pre-Designed packaging service offers a variety of packaging materials, including the traditional ones, and sustainable options for Green Dropshipping. If you are picky about your brand logo, then simply provide CJ agent with the SKU number and logo design. Then the logo will be printed on the original CJ packaging.  

Of course, with My Custom Packaging service, you can design how your package looks, the dimension, the material, and everything. CJ will get it done for you at a reasonable price.


CJdropshipping at Shoplazza

At Shoplazza, dropshippers or merchants can simply go to AppStore and install CJdropshipping instantly to your store. It's been made every so easy for anyone to connect with very few steps. In the next article, we will deep dive into the actual user guide regarding the integration of two wonderful systems. 

Shoplazza, as a global online store building platform, offers award-winning online store building technologies to more than 360,000 global merchants. Now, Shoplazza and CJdropshipping join the forces together to empower the global dreamers, merchants, and dropshippers to reimagine the future of the eCommerce market. 


Final thoughts

By looking into CJdropshipping's core strengths, many of us will stop doubting the future of dropshipping, price arbitrage, or whether our customers would receive their products. We are confident to leave the infrastructural issues to CJ, instead of focusing on sourcing, branding, and after-sales services. I will not call CJdropshipping an alternative to any other platform, because there is no other platform like CJ that offer a one-stop-for-all solution for us, the dropshippers.

Stay tuned, next time, I will introduce more features and how to get the platform ready at Shoplazza.

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Written By: Luk.Chan

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