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Introduce what a Facebook shop is and the benefits of setting up a Facebook shop for your business. Also dwell on setting up a Facebook shop in Shoplazza.

Table of Content

  1. What is Facebook Shop?
  2. 5 Benefits of Having a Facebook Shop
  3. How to Create a Facebook Shop in Shoplazza
  4. Conclusion

Back in the day, businesses operated solely in brick-and-mortar stores. However, as time developed and technological changes began to occur, business owners migrated online. Even then, some entrepreneurs still operate their businesses simultaneously in their local shops and online stores. 

Through rapid and ever-growing technological changes, social media has proven an effective marketing platform. In addition, the Facebook shop is highly-rated as one of the best online marketing tools for small businesses today. Therefore, this blog post will show you what a Facebook shop is and the benefits of setting up a Facebook shop for your business. We will also dwell on setting up a Facebook shop in Shoplazza.

What is Facebook Shop?

The Facebook shop is a built-in store on the Facebook platform. It is a feature on the Facebook page where merchants can add their products for sale. In addition, it is an eCommerce store that Facebook makes available for sellers on their Facebook pages or Instagram profiles. 

While getting your Facebook shop set up, you not only have the option of adding products or items to sell to your target audience. In addition, you can customize your store to reflect your brand identity by using your brand logo, brand colours, typography, and other things. 

By design, the Facebook shop has features that let you and your customers communicate. For example, they can ask you questions while you clarify unclear matters, etc. These messaging tools include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and Instagram direct messages. 

5 Benefits of Having a Facebook Shop

Amid the pandemic, Facebook rolled out the Facebook shop feature to cater to the needs of small businesses and D2C (Direct-to-Customer) brands. The motive behind the big idea is not far-fetched. 

The company wanted to help business owners accelerate sales processes to their customers. Plus, Facebook desired that customers be able to make purchases directly from the platform. This section shall outline how the big idea serves merchants as a potent marketing tool for social media.


Adding Unlimited Products


There is no maximum number of products you can sell through the Facebook shop. So, for example, if you own a clothing line targeted at three different audiences, you can add several pieces of clothing for each audience to your Facebook eCommerce store.


Creating Collections of Products


Let’s go back to the example we shared earlier. If your audience groups are female; office women, undergraduates, and kids, you can add the various clothing targeted at them to your shop. 

This means you can create the office women's clothing under a named collection while doing the same for the rest. The named collection will guide your target audiences where to visit when looking for a particular cloth to buy.

Meanwhile, this collection feature is also available on Instagram. So, whatever information you add to your Facebook shop will also appear on Instagram. 

Increased Sales



The chat features on the eCommerce site and the high number of users contribute to the level of sales business owners make on Facebook. Statista revealed that the number of Facebook Messenger users in the United States grew to 138.1 million in 2022.

Imagine if this number of users, or even a half or a quarter, begin to make inquiries about your Facebook shop through the messenger feature. Many of them, if not all, will make purchases from you. 


Use of Call to Actions (CTAs)


A call to action is a great way to achieve your conversion goals on the Facebook shop. It contributes to the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing tool. When you use CTAs like view, shop now, and order, you guide your customers to the point of purchase. 

As you can’t be physically or even virtually present to guide your customers, the store allows you to use compelling words and call to action buttons to make sales. 

For instance, if a person walks into your jewelry store, you can ask them what they need, show them the aisle where there is that product, tell them the price, etc. On the contrary, only a few words and call-to-action buttons will get you that purchase on your Facebook shop. 


Dynamic Ads


Dynamic ads save you from the hassles of creating an ad for each product (especially if you have a wide range of products) in your shop. With a Facebook shop, you can create a single ad and leave the rest to Facebook to handle. This is possible if you add products to your catalogue.

Hence when a shopper shows interest in your catalog products, Facebook automatically generates an ad to that effect. It will show the ads to them on whichever devices they use. The ads could be in form of carousels, single images, or stories. 

Some of the benefits of dynamic ads on Facebook are getting new shoppers, retargeting, and personalizing content.

How to Create a Facebook Shop in Shoplazza

On our eCommerce website, we let you connect with your Facebook shop so that you can make more sales. However, Shoplazza does not deny you the goodies of using other platforms. Hence, we shall share how to set up your Facebook shop in Shoplazza in easy steps. 

  1. On your Shoplazza admin page, go to Marketing > Facebook > Sell on Facebook. 
  2. Tap Facebook on the menu bar by the left-hand side > click connect.
  3. To authorize your store, go to the Facebook authorization page. Ensure to accept all permissions by clicking 'continue.' Excluding any or all permissions will make the authorization fail, so don’t. 
  4. The next step is to connect the business manager with which you manage your Facebook shop product catalogue. Make sure you have admin access to the Facebook manager. Suppose you are just getting started selling on Facebook and do not have a business manager account. In that case, Shoplazza can set it up for you.
  5. Connect Facebook product catalogue. For this process, you would need to create a new catalogue. Suppose you want to connect the same catalogue you have connected with another eCommerce store. In that case, you need to disconnect it before continuing on Shoplazza.
  6. Accept terms and conditions. To read the terms and conditions of the service, click ‘Seller Agreement’ and ‘Beta Product Testing Terms.’ Then, click ‘Accept Terms.’
  7. The final step is where you synchronize your products. This is where you add new products to your Facebook shop from Shoplazza. The whole process is available on Shoplazza to try for free



The Facebook shop will remain one of the most used tools for marketing. To make life better for merchants, eCommerce sites like Shoplazza allow you to create a Shoplazza Facebook shop. You can sell on your Facebook page and Instagram profiles directly from your Shoplazza website. So connect your Facebook shop with your Shoplazza website today and start selling. 

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Written By: Victor James (ShopBlogger)

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