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Aug 23, 2022 3:25:13 PM | Omni-Channel Commerce at Shoplazza | 2022 Ecommerce Winning Strategy

A glimpse to the winning strategy why 360,000 plus merchants are gluing to Shoplazza platform.



From the perspective of a behind-scene eCommerce platform, Shoplazza's job is to make sure the brands and merchants are well equipped with all necessary tools and resources to cope with the commerce evolution happening online and offline. 

The Trends

In the year 2022, the eCommerce high growth ratio fell back down as in-person shopping venues gradually opened to the public. It resets the path for the apparel commerce sector. Even a strong rebound is happening in the in-person shopping sector.

However, the economy keeps hitting record-high inflation, consumers are becoming way more cautious and mindful. They look for the true value return from each purchase. And, they tend to vote their dollars to the brands that are willing to invest in three main areas, allowing shoppers to place orders across all possible digital surface areas, a more immersive shopping environment in terms of realistic visualization of the product, and more measurable virtual sizing solutions, last one, excellent handling of shipping and return process. As you can see, the future of apparel commerce, both online and offline, is not just about transactions but referring back to the basic issue, how to connect to consumers by showing the brand authenticity through each merchant interaction. 

2022 is also the year of Shoplazza's five-year anniversary. The platform is not only sharing the market momentum but taking the opportunity to relaunch the global brand image while leveraging fulfillment and supply chain networks with our partners. Because it's imperative for the platform to adapt to the new demands and new expectations emerging from the consumers and learn how to cater to the next-generation online shoppers' needs as well. 


The strategy to elevate the online shopping experience at Shoplazza

As an eCommerce platform, Shoplazza visions itself as one evolving operating system for powering brands and businesses. 

Shoplazza is mobilizing all resources to help our merchants adapt to the evolving commercial environment where digital commerce is deeply embedded with the physical infrastructures, currently, we are leveraging the physical shipping and global warehousing capacities through close partnerships with product sourcing and fulfillment partners, like CJdropshipping, Hypersku, Hugepod, and EasyPost. These are the critical components for Shoplazza's coming worldwide network in terms of offering better global sourcing and order delivery and fast return capacities. 

Also, to evolve the traditional online shopping experience into the future immersive environment, we're collaborating with different partners to lower the technical barriers for our brands to acquire and utilize the latest also cheaper technologies to power their online operations. 

For example, the platform is working with tech vendors in the field of 3d modeling and augmented reality shopping. The efforts in these areas aim to optimize the currently available mobile capacities. In this case, the merchant can use their smartphones to scan products and convert them into a visual presentation with a 360-degree view. And consumers are able to directly use their mobile devices to simulate and mirror how the product is tried on or even remotely visit the store. Of course, AR still has a long way to be implemented into real commercial practice, but with the speed of innovation, AR commerce will gradually play a more critical role, Shoplazza is staying ahead of the wave and pioneering through the uncharted waters.

Stay tuned for the second part of the winning strategy.

Written By: Luk.Chan

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