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Jun 15, 2022 4:08:00 PM | Shoplazza News News | Cloudflare x Shoplazza

Shoplazza looks forward to maintaining a long-term partnership with Cloudflare to jointly serve global B2C ecommerce.

Cloudflare supercharging 360,000+ SHOPLAZZA merchants worldwide

SHOPLAZZA, an award-winning Shopping Cart SaaS company, provides a Shopping Cart SaaS Platform for brands of all shapes and sizes to start, market and manage their online stores. The platform is powered by advanced technology, and is reliable, scalable and adaptable to ensure a headless commerce experience for their merchants.

SHOPLAZZA values developers and is committed to leveraging the value of global developers ecosystems in helping merchants achieve global business success.

Challenge: providing all-round support for fast-growing global merchants

In the past decade or so, the e-commerce industry has become a superstar industry. More and more brands leverage e-commerce platforms to build stores, which makes hot-selling products and enables brands to successfully go global. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are shifting their consumption habits from offline to online, further stimulating the extremely rapid development of the e-commerce industry.

Riding the wave of borderless ecommerce, SHOPLAZZA, the industry's expert in serving ecommerce site builders, offers complete brand globalization solutions for global merchants. In addition to the basic SaaS service for ecommerce sites as well as in response to the market demand, SHOPLAZZA also provides DTC (Direct To Consumer) branding services for sellers, from market positioning, website design, social media marketing to website advertising and management, which empower clients to shape global brands from zero to one. SHOPLAZZA provides comprehensive consulting services for clients within ecommerce brands’ life cycle. At the same time, SHOPLAZZA is a Google Partner and Technology Partner, and Facebook Export Partner, plus one of the few providers that are in compliance with PCI DSS Level 1.

SHOPLAZZA not only serves Chinese merchants but also takes overseas ecommerce brands global. Currently, over 360,000 merchants are building their business with our platform, and overseas merchants have grown by 300% in just the last six months. With the support of Cloudflare, our speed and security have improved significantly,” said Bing Xia, CTO at SHOPLAZZA.

Cloudflare secures fast access for users during traffic spikes

Due to the rapid growth of users, improving website speed is the primary requirement of SHOPLAZZA. In addition to daily store running, merchants also experience traffic spikes during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and other shopping holidays in the second half of each year, which is a major challenge for maintaining website speed. To ensure that every store can handle this with ease, SHOPLAZZA chose Cloudflare CDN.

With the support of Cloudflare’s expansive global network of data centers, SHOPLAZZA can cache static content closer to users, and deliver dynamic content over the fastest and most reliable private backbone links, ensuring that consumers in all regions of the world have extremely fast access to websites.

Cloudflare DDoS Protection is always on and powerful

SHOPLAZZA needs not only speed, but also the security of access without affecting the performance of websites. Cloudflare's advanced DDoS Protection can automatically block malicious traffic, and delivers content through Cloudflare's global network, defending SHOPLAZZA against a large number of DDoS attacks on a daily basis, ensuring that merchants and consumers in all corners of the world will not experience interruptions in connectivity or drops in speed. With Cloudflare's protection, SHOPLAZZA has never been affected by targeted DDoS attacks since then.

Various products to make SHOPLAZZA merchants worry-free

Currently, in addition to CDN and DDoS Protection, SHOPLAZZA also uses a series of Cloudflare products, including Argo, Spectrum, SSL for SaaS Providers, and Cloudflare Workers to achieve agile, 100% secure and low-latency global access while saving costs. In the future, SHOPLAZZA looks forward to maintaining a long-term partnership with Cloudflare to jointly serve global B2C ecommerce.

Written By: shoplazza.com

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