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Feb 22, 2023 10:26:25 AM | Shoplazza News Create a Loyalty Program for Your Shoplazza Store with Lily

Shoplazza merchants can create a loyalty program for their online store with the help of our new partner, Lily.

Shoplazza announces partnership with Lily for customer loyalty program.

The market has changed dramatically in recent years, and customer acquisition costs continue to rise without signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, ecommerce merchants face intense competition in today's market, and retaining customers and attracting new ones can be challenging. That's where Lily's Loyalty and Referral Program comes in.

This ongoing trend motivated merchants to focus on improving repurchase rates for their continuous revenue growth, and an amazing way to do it is by creating a loyalty program for their online store. As a Shoplazza merchant, now you have a super simple way to build a loyalty program, all thanks to Shoplazza’s new partner.

Lily is a loyalty solution that allows Shoplazza merchants to instantly add points, rewards and referral programs to their stores, making it easy to build brand loyalty and increase sales.

By implementing Lily, ecommerce merchants can encourage customer loyalty and incentivize referrals, leading to increased customer retention and acquisition.

Here’s how it works: as your brand offers loyalty points, rewards and referrals for every action a customer takes, you can make them feel seen and appreciated, thus encouraging them to return. It’s a free and easy way to increase customer interaction and engagement.

As a leading shopping cart SaaS company, Shoplazza works hard to stay ahead of merchants’ actual needs. By partnering with Lily, our merchants will be able to leverage the strengths of both companies in order to enhance their customer relationships with just a few clicks.

Alyson Zhang, Shoplazza’s COO, said: “The partnership between Shoplazza and Lily will make loyalty programs easier than ever on the Shoplazza platform. As a result of Lily's integration with Shoplazza, store owners will be able to increase brand loyalty and delight their customers for a lifetime.”

Kalys Salmakbaev, Chief Marketing Officer at Lily, said: “We want Shoplazza merchants to use the complete loyalty tool to increase retention rate and repeat purchases. It hits the hardest now where you are looking towards retaining the most of your audience and engaging with them, and Lily does that seamlessly.”

Lily allows merchants to offer their customers exclusive discounts and special offers, encouraging repeat purchases and building brand affinity. Additionally, the referral program makes it easy for customers to share their positive experiences with friends and family, leading to new customers and increased sales.

Ready to turn first-time shoppers into loyal customers? Then go ahead and install Lily: Loyalty Points and Rewards on your Shoplazza store today.

Install Lily now

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