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The summary of Shoplazza insights delivered during the HyperSKU Webinar on March 30, 2022.

March 30, 2022 - Shoplazza was invited to participate in the HyperSKU Webinar: Building A Brand That Stands Out in Social Commerce. You can find below a summary of Shoplazza insights delivered during the seminar - “Brand Building From Scratch Using Social Commerce” - plus answers to questions asked by viewers.   

Q: What is social commerce? 

A: Simply put, social commerce is shopping on social media. It signifies the blurred barriers between various online services. Even before the pandemic, social commerce has been a booming industry in parts of the world. The rapid growth and widespread adoption of online shopping since the onset of the pandemic have spurred the popularity of social commerce, which relies on short-form videos, live streaming, and social sharing, in North America and Europe as well. 


Q: How does Shoplazza facilitate social commerce? 

A: Our proprietary eCommerce platform is directly integrated with major social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. You can sync published products from your Shoplazza store to business centers on various social media platforms and, from there, run ads that redirect traffic to your online store. Shoplazza also supports Facebook and TikTok MultiPixels for granular social media traffic monitoring. Social sharing is just a click away with shareable product details pages and shoppable social media montages can be embedded onto your store landing pages. 

Additionally, Shoplazza provides brand services that include influencer marketing in niche markets and content marketing strategies for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. We can help new and established brands develop their brand presence on social media by identifying new audiences, tracking ad spending, monitoring results, and planning campaigns to acquire user-generated content that provides social proof to increase social media conversions.     


Q: How do you build an online store with Shoplazza? 

A: You can build an online store with zero coding experience using the drag-and-drop SHOPLAZZA store theme editor 2.0, which provides you with a complete shopping cart website, including eye-popping and industry-specific home pages, highly-customizable product collections, regulation-compliant privacy & data security policy pages, plus fulfillment and checkout pages that provide a variety of options for international customers from around the globe. That’s everything you need to successfully launch an online business in minutes!    


Q:  Is it easy to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Shoplazza? 

A: We have an intuitive SEO editor that is, at the very least, on par with industry leaders. You can edit your page URLs, page tags, and other metadata directly from a textbox. All you need to know are the keywords you’d like to focus on for your SEO projects. And if you encounter any difficulties, professional support is available 24/7 through customer support, community discussions, and an extensive FAQ section.    


Q: What data protection does Shoplazza provide?

A: Shoplazza is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 certified. Level 1 service providers handle the highest volumes of PCI data, which means that an accredited PCI auditor has verified that Shoplazza has done everything required to attain a Level 1 certification. These auditors are known as Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs); they assess security systems and processes to certify compliance with all PCI security standards.


Q: Are Shopify Apps compatible with Shoplazza? 

A: Vendors with Shopify stores can migrate their entire store and related data to SHOPLAZZA with our 1-Click Migration function. Once your store data, product info, and blog content have been migrated over to Shoplazza, you’ll be able to find plugins from the Shoplazza App Store that offer the same functionality, all free to use!      


Q: Does Shoplazza have any promotional offers? 

A: As an exclusive offer to audience members (and readers of this article), Shoplazza

 is offering a time-limited discount of 15% OFF on all subscriptions for the first month! You can access this offer by clicking here (hurry, this offer expires soon)!   




Written By: Luk.Chan

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