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May 3, 2022 10:34:00 AM | Sell Your Products Shoplazza | How Do I Write a Great About Us Page?

"About us" page allows you to explain the identity of your brand and your story to your potential customers.

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“About”, “who are we?”, “Our history” ... The naming possibilities for this type of page are numerous but the single objective: to allow you to explain the identity of your brand and your story to your potential customers.

Table of content:

  • Did you know that the "about" page is the second most visited page on a site or blog?
  • A crucial point to consider before writing an “about” page.
  • Video on the "about" page
  • Target audience, who is the About page for?
  • Lack of customization
  • Optimization for inadequate SEO
  • Take care of the layout and visual appearance
  • Storytelling
  • Conclusion


Did you know that the "about" page is the second most visited page on a site or blog?

 A page that is one of the most visited by Internet users, a well-written, complete, and attractive “about” page can make the difference in gaining the trust of its target customers. Indeed, when a user wants to learn more about a brand, it is on this page that they go first. An opportunity not to be missed to create a link with your prospects and expose your vision, branding, history ...

This article gives you 5 tips for writing an “about” page that is sure to appeal to your visitors.

A crucial point to consider before writing an “about” page.

Given the interest of Internet users in the "about" page, the primary function of this page is therefore to satisfy this need for curiosity. So, by writing a the about us page you can respond to their curiosity, rather than talking about you more randomly. Talking about what you can do for your visitor will allow you to create the connection they are looking for and you need to retain them. With that idea in mind, here are 5 basic tips to start creating this page, just as important as your home page.

Video on the "about" page

Not everyone likes videos or has time to watch a whole video to learn more about your site. So, I recommend that you always use video to complement the rest of the content on your about page and not as the main content. Also plan for closed captioning to avoid being too intrusive.

All the elements for writing the page are now in place. Before we get into an effective "about" page writing method, let us quickly review some mistakes to avoid in this writing process.

Target audience, who is the About page for?

From our perspective, this is often where there is the biggest mistake. Indeed, the first reflex when writing a page about, is to automatically think of "us, our company, etc.". And therefore, to speak ONLY about yourself, without sharing your vision with the client.

Your about page is not just about your story but should answer the questions of your target audience and convince your visitors to take action. It should be written to respond to:

  • What is your unique selling proposition that sets itself apart from the competition?
  • How your products or services improve the daily life of your customers?
  • What are your values ​​that you want to highlight?
  • What is the general mission of your company?

Lack of customization

To create a link, nothing like a photo to give the page the personal, human touch that the internet user is looking for. To have seen a person's eyes - even in a photo - is a bit like knowing them and already connecting with them. If you think of celebrity fans, they feel like they know their idol, although some have never even seen her in concert. It is by following her in the media and on the Internet that he "connects" to her. Use a photo of yourself, even if it is not from the front, even if it is only an illustration, but give the impression of your presence on this page, and you will have half won your visitor.

Optimization for inadequate SEO

Google's algorithm favors the "about" page, and what could be more appealing and professional than having your "snippet" at the top of the search engine page?

So far away from expert discussions of whether this page should be called "about" - period! - or if it can take other names (start here, find out more, here, welcome, who are we? Etc ...), I advise you to optimize the URL of the page for SEO.

In other words, even if the page is called "Learn More", give it the URL "about for example shoplazza.com/about/. This will also allow you in the future to be able to change your mind about the name of this page.

Take care of the layout and visual appearance

The form must be as detailed as the substance. Many e-commerce site owners forget the essential role of the visual aspect and its impact on the user.

As said before, it is important that your page is well prioritized and structured. Internet users must be able to identify each part, the titles, and sub-parts. Be consistent and follow an extremely specific common thread: this will prevent your “about” page from being too cluttered.

Don't hesitate to combine different types of media to make your page attractive. The only key word common to all: quality. If you feel that any of the media is hurting the overall quality of your page, don't embed it. This page should enhance your business and inspire confidence, seriousness, and professionalism in your customers. Poor quality media compared to others can be a drag.


There is one approach that you absolutely must master if you want to boost your About Page: storytelling. You need to master the art of storytelling or hire a copywriter who does it well.

What is storytelling? This is not a new science. It is just the art of telling stories or experiences that capture the attention of the public or an audience.

Today, companies and startups understand its merits. Like them, you must do the same. Introduce your "about" page with a believable story (good or sad) that will touch your buyer's heart so that they can identify with them and thus be gripped by their own feelings.

The best way to tell a story that sticks out. You need to tell a story that the reader can relate to. Your story should be able to bridge what you must share and its own life. You can also start from the experience of a client or a loved one and work out the situation your reader is going through to assimilate it to this experience and create a connection.

You will see, he will suddenly feel concerned.


The about your site page should not be overlooked. She allows to:

  • Create an emotional connection with your readers
  • Optimize conversions on your site

This page is an excellent opportunity to humanize your business while highlighting its strengths and strengths. Now you have all the keys to harnessing its full potential.


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Written By: Yorly

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