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New techniques and tips to improve your results, develop your reputation and boost your sales with YouTube.

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Are you constantly looking for new techniques and tips to improve your results, develop your reputation and boost your sales? Do you also want to get people talking about you and your business, or create a buzz?

Table of content:

  • Why is a YouTube channel essential in e-commerce?
  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Use the right keywords
  • Offer unique and above all quality content
  • Promote your content on other social networks
  • Conclusion


Why is a YouTube channel essential in e-commerce?

Over the past decade, YouTube has established itself as one of the web's most important platforms. YouTube is even considered a search engine and is the second most common search engine after Google.

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users who are regularly logged into its platform. YouTube is the second preferred mode of video consumption for 18–34-year-olds and can deliver significant results even with a small marketing budget.

Over 70% of video views come from a mobile device, and consumers download 500 hours of video every minute. It's a lot of content. Most e-commerce sites can benefit from showcasing their products, and video-driven marketing teams are growing their revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Developing a solid digital marketing strategy on YouTube will allow you to boost your sales, but it must become an integral part of your business marketing approach.

Create your YouTube channel

The first step in using YouTube is of course to create your channel. You can store all your videos there and create a design like your store to look authentic and professional. To do this, you will need a Gmail account. You can use the same Gmail account that you use for Adwords or other management tools.

This will facilitate all the analyzes and studies that you will have to do afterwards to understand your results and find new solutions. Of course, it is essential to give your channel the same name that you use for your store to be easily found by your visitors.

You can also use the same colors present on your site as well as your logo, a complete description as well as the same keywords that you use for the content of your site. Another important point, the first thing that your visitors will see on your channel will be your intro video. Make it about 30 to 40 seconds. You will be able to capture the attention of your visitors without annoying them. Change this video frequently (as well as your design), for example by following the evolutions of your company or your new advertising campaigns.

Use the right keywords

For your videos to be easily found on YouTube and Google, you will need to associate them with the right keywords. It works the same as your meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags. Use these keywords in your titles as well as in your tags so that Google and YouTube can read the content of your files and know what content to show based on the requested searches. Make sure your video description is at least 200 characters long with a link to your SHOPLAZZA store at the beginning of the paragraph. Get straight to the point, your visitors consult your channel to see a video (or several). Do not try to sell them your products, but simply offer them the information they want. With your channel, you can also create playlists. For example, you can create a playlist of all your product demos, so your customers don't have to search through all your videos to find the one they're interested in. The more organized your channel is, the more your customers will be tempted to come back to your videos.


Offer unique and above all quality content

The recipe is very simple: create very good quality videos that will be of interest to your visitors, and you will get the solution. Your visitors, in addition to enjoying these videos, will share them on their social networks and talk about them around them. This is how you will build excitement for your store. However, think carefully about how you are going to create your video.

The goal, the actors, the duration of the video, the material to be used, the budget or even if you will take care of this project yourself or entrust it to someone else. Real attention to detail will allow you to achieve real success and generate interest, and that success doesn't necessarily mean perfect publicity. You can indeed create negative or positive reactions depending on how you play your cards. Sometimes some video ads are so ridiculous that they end up being remembered and sooner or later pop up when a consumer needs a product related to your industry and remembers your video.

Planning your video and its mission will allow you to achieve much better results. Take the time to think about it. Another very important factor to use in creating a video is the enthusiasm that you will generate among your visitors. What message are you going to get across that will likely reach your customers and encourage them to share your video? Video quality isn't everything, and in some cases, giving your visitors a 'handcrafted' and authentic feel will earn their attention and sympathy, because you're genuinely taking the time to deliver content, instead. to go through an advertising agency.

Promote your content on other social networks

Since one of YouTube's ranking factors is viewer recommendations, feel free to promote your videos yourself. Allow your fans to share your video quickly and easily by including it on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, but match your blog or website.

For example, an easy way to post to Twitter is to automatically post your videos. To link your YouTube and Twitter accounts, look at your channel settings.


While you can optimize your video when it comes time to download, these tweaks won't help if your video isn't good. Why is that? Because user experience on YouTube is a huge part of the factors selected for ranking. YouTube's algorithm places a high value on videos that have been viewed the most times, shares, comments, and number of subscribers.

Creating engaging content is more difficult than just adding keywords or uploading a catchy thumbnail. The steps to get there are much less precise. If you are a beginner, try making different types of videos. For example, interviewing important people in your industry, creating tutorials, or going behind the scenes of your business.

You might tell yourself that there is still a lot of work to do to grow your YouTube channel, but don't stress. Take it step by step and you will get there. You might even end up having fun.


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Written By: Yorly

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