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Traffic and optimization are essential elements in the success of an e-commerce store. Learn how to promote your e-commerce store and increase your traffic.

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You have just created your e-commerce store, your design is beautiful and responsive, your products are online and just waiting to be purchased. But to sell your products or services, you must have customers, and to have customers, you must have traffic.

Creating the store is one of the first steps in setting up an e-commerce project and developing the business. And obviously, traffic (quality and quantity) and optimization (of the site and the offer) are essential elements in the success of an e-commerce store.

Table of content:

  • How to promote your e-commerce store and increase your traffic
    • Define your design.
    • Develop impactful content for SEO.
    • Social networks
    • Influencers
    • Newsletters
    • A sponsorship
    • Analyze your content and results.

Here is some advice that may help you for your store.

Define your design.

Visual identity is a core around which many elements revolve. It is the basis of all communication, whether on social networks, on marketing materials or on advertising campaigns. Visual identity gives personality, character, and values ​​to a brand. Therefore, the choice of design will be an important element in attracting Internet users to your store and giving them confidence.

Your store should be attractive, intuitive, and offer an optimal browsing experience. Product sheets, key information and promotional offers should also be of high quality and be featured prominently.

Develop impactful content for SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential component in bringing traffic to your store. While SEO is obviously important, so is the quality of the content. Whether for the ranking of your links or for the comfort of your future customers. Your store must therefore offer extraordinarily rich and impactful content for your customers. You can add images and videos to it to maximize the impact and appeal of your content. If your site is not informative, attractive, or timely ... your natural search engine results will be poor, and you will receive just few hits.

Social networks

To capture traffic, design and SEO are not enough. It makes sense to diversify the acquisition channels to increase the points of contact with the target. Promoting a store on social media allows you to reach a new audience that you might not have reached with SEO. The presence on social networks is immediate, while natural referencing can take a little longer. It is common to see companies place themselves on (almost) all social networks without having the necessary resources to manage them all. The problem is that the quality of the content is impacted: unsuitable content on certain networks, very long response times ... This strategy is counterproductive.

It is better to be present on 2 platforms and manage them in an optimal and qualitative way, rather than to be on 5 and manage them moderately (if at all). A good image on social networks is a factor driving traffic to your store.


Visibility on social networks or media is sometimes not enough to generate satisfactory traffic. Calling on influencers can be an effective solution. These people are social media and networking professionals. They have a network and a generally large base of followers. Get in touch with an influencer who shares your field of activity and offer them new offers, samples of your products or services. The latter will thus discover your e-commerce store, your activity and will distribute your work to his fans on blogs, social networks. Influencers are in high demand, so you need to highlight the added value of your product or site. they must be convinced that your store will be of quality for its subscribers.


Newsletters are also major traffic vectors. Of course, they must be relevant and bring added value to the reader. Do not hesitate to create an "appointment" with your subscribers through a newsletter in which they can find advice, personalized offers, and news from your brand.

A sponsorship

Word of mouth plays a major role in consumer confidence in a brand. If someone they know has recommended a brand or site for them, they will have a good chance of visiting it and then converting. Sponsorship has a double interest. On the one hand, you generate traffic with a positive "a priori", which will already be in an advanced discovery process, or even purchase. On the other hand, you retain your referral customers by offering them a reward based on the number of new customers generated through their referral. Concretely, you thank and reward your customers who help you in your conquest of new customers.

Analyze your content and results.

Each market, each store, each audience has different expectations and behaviors. Some will not be sensitive to the same channels or the same content.

The analysis phase is therefore important to be able to identify and understand the expectations of visitors, and thus focus efforts on actions that are effective and relevant. You can analyze your traffic using tools like Google Analytics, which you will have previously linked to your site.


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