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Managing e-reputation is not straightforward, it requires a whole process, and the intervention of a specialist in the field is often necessary.

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The power today is in the hands of consumers, who co-create brands online through star ratings and reviews posted on search engines, social media, and review sites.

The image of a company in the eyes of Internet users is crucial in the era of great digitization in which we are. Managing e-reputation is not straightforward, it requires a whole process, and the intervention of a specialist in the field is often necessary.

Table of content:

  • Definition of e-reputation
  • Analyze what is being said about your business
  • What strategies to manage your e-reputation?
  • Work on your image online
  • Work to keep your customers happy
  • Call a professional

Definition of e-reputation

Online reputation is simply the reputation of a company, brand, individual or product on the internet. In other words, e-reputation is the image of an entity on the internet. This image can be positive or negative.

A bad online reputation can drastically lower a company's sales, or even force it to go out of business. While a positive reputation can increase a company's customer base and generate a thriving business. It has therefore become essential to perfectly manage your image online. It is indeed a factor of success or failure that no society can afford to shy away from in the modern world.


Analyze what is being said about your business

Before you start building your business e-reputation, it's important to know where you're starting from. For this, you must have a current inventory of what is said about your business on the internet. And this analysis is not a single action: one of the keys to your corporate e-reputation is the regularity with which you monitor. Without being aware of the state of your business e-reputation in real time, you will be unable to react in the best possible conditions.

Analyzing all the articles, Google search results, or social media posts that refer to your business can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, there are several specialized tools for this kind of monitoring. In a few clicks, they reveal the latest content mentioning your business on the internet. Here are a few:

  • Google Alerts
  • Talkwalker's Free Social Search
  • Social Mention
  • Review Trackers
  • Hootsuite

What strategies to manage your e-reputation?

  • The day before: listen to what is being said online about your organization. To do this, various monitoring tools exist to monitor and "monitor" its e-reputation. The spread in the digital age is exceedingly fast. A delay in responding or acting can cause much more damage. See below for the list of monitoring tools to manage your online reputation.
  • Prepare a comment management diagram. Customer service on social media is crucial today. So, developing and structuring the actions to be taken and the response times to various types of comments will allow you to better intervene and preserve your e-reputation.
  • Plan your actions in the event of a crisis. It is important to plan and prepare for certain possible scenarios, certain emergencies, or crises, even if they will never occur. Good preparation should consider the person in charge (especially outside opening hours), the main relays of your communications, the communities at risk, the arguments most used to criticize you, one or more professionals who can support you. according to different cases (public relations expert, lawyer, professional in human resources management).
  • Involve your employees. Any company should inform, educate, and train its employees in certain basic concepts related to social media. These can act as the first relay in your strategy. Every employee should be aware of the importance of the web to the sustainability of an organization. A social media policy will be an effective tool to support you in managing your online reputation.

Work on your image online

While you have taken the time to take stock of the current state of your e-reputation, you can already detect the points to correct, the readjustments to put in place. It will essentially be necessary to play the card of consistency on all your online accounts. Profile photos must be identical. Avoid posts where you attack your competition directly, instead work to demonstrate your positive points. Also, don't accumulate multiple accounts, for example in multiple languages, unless they are necessary to promote your business, and you can seriously manage them all. Above all, delegate the task of working on your online image to a competent person. You can request a quote for an e-reputation service on the internet.

Work to keep your customers happy

This aspect can be put in the background when we talk about e-reputation. We are indeed just thinking of the different techniques to be implemented on the web to improve its image. But the truth is, customers play a huge role in online reputation. A satisfied customer will give a great review of your business that may inspire others to collaborate with you. A whole policy can be implemented to identify the best customers and invite them to testify in writing or even by video, why not? Consider giving them a little bonus to encourage them.

Call a professional

The e-reputation of your company is important, which is why you should not hesitate to go further in your approach by calling on an agency specializing in Google e-reputation. The contribution of a professional specializing in the field will certainly be decisive in improving your online reputation. He will be able to put in place an effective strategy, regularly monitor information about your company by monitoring, use the appropriate tools and boost your e-reputation. And if you are facing a bad buzz about your business, don't panic. Find out about obtaining a quote for an e-reputation service on the internet and get support from an agency specializing in e-reputation.


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