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Jun 21, 2022 9:46:00 AM | Sell Your Products Everything You Need to Know about Google Performace Max

Understand how Google Performance Max can improve your Google Ads performance.


Google is probably the most crucial platform to consider when it comes to online advertisement campaigns. While Google itself is the world's most powerful search engine, its network includes Youtube, the world's second-largest search engine too. But how can small business owners (SMBs) use Google Ads to reach and convert more audiences? Shoplazza, the Official Google Premier Partner, will guide you to understand how Google Performance Max can improve your Google Ads performance.

What is Google Performance Max, and how does it work?

A Brand New Way to Automate Your Google Ad Campaign

Google's Performance Max is the automated way to launch a single ad campaign across all Google's Network channels. By setting one Performance Max campaign, the ad will appear everywhere Google operates, such as Search, Youtube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.
Instead of launching different ad campaigns for each platform, Performance Max will be the central hub for your campaign across different Google channels.

Real-time, Performance-Based Automation

Specifically, Google will complement your keyword-based search campaign and optimize the ad to reach more converting audiences across Google Network. Performance Max campaign optimizes the ad based on the performance drive on specific goals. No matter what your ad aims to achieve, Performance Max utilizes Google's automation technology expertise to exceed your expectations at your convenience. Performance Max uses real-time and cross-channel understanding of consumer minds, and this will deliver your campaign to the people who are likely to make a purchase for your product.

URL Extensions and Performance Max

Enabling URL extensions will further enhance the automation process. It will help your ad to show up in new converting search queries that is different from keyword-based search campaigns. By reaching the right audience, the Performance Max campaign will capture new conversion opportunities for your business.


Audience Insights

You can also give some "hints" to Google about the people you would like to reach by using the new audience signals feature. For instance, providing customer matches and website visitors list to Google will help Google understand the converting audiences' characteristics.


Overall, Google Performance Max campaigns are ideal for business owners who wish to:

  • Expand audience reach across Google Network (Display, Youtube, Search, Discover, Gmail, Maps)
  • Achieve better business goals with ad campaigns
  • Automate ad campaigns with data input
  • Manage and optimize all Google ads in an all-in-one place


What are the benefits of using Performance Max campaigns?


Reaching Target Audience at Right Moments

The main benefit of using the Performance Max campaign is that your ad will be shown in front of the right people at the right moments. Instead of exposing your ad to a random audience, Google will use its real-time understanding of customer intent, behaviour, and context based on your Search Ad keywords to find the “perfect match” for your audience segment. As a result, you might be surprised to discover a new audience group that you have never considered before!


Automated Budget Optimization

The financial advantage of using Performance Max is automated budget optimization. As you launch the Performance Max campaign, Google will also support you in setting the appropriate bidding for your ads. You can decide which value aligns the most with your business goal. For instance, if you wish to maximize conversions, select “Conversions” on the Budget and Bidding page. Then Google will provide you with budget and target forecasts to guide you in decision-making. You can also add your own CPA (Cost-per-action) or ROAS (return-on-ad-spend), allowing you to have more flexibility in your bidding strategy. Are you confused about these terminologies? Don't worry – the campaign can automatically recommend your target CPA or ROAS based on your ad's past performance.


Easy to Manage Your Ads


You don't have to sign up for a separate Google Ads account to launch a Performance Max campaign. In fact, if you have an existing Google Ads account, you can create up to 100 Performance Max campaigns. Then, as you set up your campaign goals and select Performance Max as a campaign type, your single campaign will be promoted across all Google channels.

You can also easily manage all creative assets for your Performance Max campaign. Assets include the landing page, images, logos, videos, text headlines, videos, and call-to-action (CTA). Once Google has access to your assets, it will automatically generate ads based on them in all available formats and deliver the ads to the relevant audiences. Performance Max can even create a video automatically using your existing assets like images!


Detailed Combination Report of Campaign Performances


Moreover, Performance Max provides you with a combination report of your campaigns. A Combination Report demonstrates which assets (i.e., advertisement) are performing the best together and who are the people influencing the results (i.e., customer segment). This report can help you track business trends and plan your future strategy by monitoring the performance of the assets.


As an e-commerce merchant, you will never want to miss your opportunity to display your business in the Google Network channels. As you provide your specific goal, creative assets, audience signals, or any other data feed, Google will appreciate your input and harmonize them to achieve your desired result. In addition, the data you provided will help Google boost the optimization and allow Performance max to discover new customers.

Did you know that Shoplazza is the first Google Partner to integrate Performance Max campaign internally? Next time, let's learn how to set up Google Performance Max campaigns in Shoplazza. Stay tuned to Shoplazza blog!


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Caroline Bae

Written By: Caroline Bae

Caroline is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Shoplazza. She is an imaginative thinker, and always keen to learn and adopt the newest trends in digital marketing. Caroline derived her passion for marketing from the will to spread messages in a variety of forms.