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Nov 9, 2022 7:00:00 AM | Shoplazza News More Personal & Efficient Customer Service with JivoChat

Use JivoChat for more personal and efficient customer service in your Shoplazza online store!

Cover image shows Shoplazza and Jivochat logos and an illustration of a person, sitting in front of a laptop, wearing a headset.

Retaining customers and boosting conversion rates have always been the priorities of most global merchants. Offering quality customer service is an indispensable step to that end. Although it might save more time to have a chatbot automatically respond to all questions, in real life, each customer experiences a shopping journey unique to them, and quality service is always expected.

This is where JivoChat comes in and helps you to deliver the best service. With the option to personalize each interaction, you can convert more visitors into customers as well as build a list of brand ambassadors, which will enhance your customer lifetime value.

What is JivoChat?

JivoChat is an all-in-one solution for eCommerce merchants to provide premium customer service. You may reach customers through live chat widgets, social apps, email, SMS, and other channels.

With Jivo, your team can better resolve customer issues and retrieve first-hand data on individual shoppers to understand them better. It’s especially suitable for savvy merchants who are looking for a comprehensive messaging app.

What does this mean for me?

Since JivoChat is now fully integrated with Shoplazza, merchants can use the app to interact effortlessly with shoppers. Keep on reading to learn more about JivoChat’s useful features and find out how you can add value to your customer's shopping journey.

More than LiveChat: help customers in any way you wish

LiveChat Widget

The quickest way your customers can reach you is through a live chat widget on your website. You can count on JivoChat to be an effective communication tool to assist every shopper. It equips you with a reliable widget that works on any device, and it allows you to translate messages into 20 languages so you can interact with international customers without barriers. 

Besides answering inquiries, you can also be proactive and offer help by engaging visitors in conversations to find out what they're looking for.

Screenshot shows JivoChat's Livechat Widget in action. There are four conversations in the chat, and one of them is open. In the chat window, there is a pop-up window showing Quick Phrases Helper, a tool to save quick responses.

JivoChat business phone number

A JivoChat business phone number is another good way to resolve complex problems your customers might face. Jivo provides you with practical features that upgrade the customer experience.

Before picking up, all agents receive the call simultaneously so customers won’t waste their time waiting. To better uphold your brand image, you may also set up custom voice greetings. The caller’s basic information is made available to your agents, making the conversation more efficient on both sides.

During the call, messages can be sent via the live chat widget, which allows you to send relevant links or product information to make the most of the call. After the chat, you may listen to the recording so you don’t miss any important information.

Video calls

If a phone call won’t do the job, you can always turn to an even more personal kind of interaction – video calls.

Once customers get a video call invite, they are able to join directly on the browser without installing other plugins or apps. A short meeting might give you more chances to convert prospects into customers because you’re able to answer inquiries instantly and display products to help them make the decision to purchase. 

Omnichannel Interaction: engage with customers in only one app

As more and more consumers expect to talk to brands on social apps, you’ll have trouble achieving a high retention rate if your website is the only communication channel for your business. Thanks to JivoChat, you’re now able to get in touch with customers on different channels using only one app.

Connect JivoChat with your Instagram and Facebook accounts to begin interacting with customers in one place. You can check all direct messages, mentions, and replies to Instagram stories via a secure API, making sure you never miss a chance to engage with customers.

Image shows how omnichannel interaction works within JivoChat. An Instagram user is sending a message to the company's account, saying, Is your cosmetics suitable for problem skin? On the right, the image shows what the message looks like within JivoChat, as a message pops up in their admin.

Besides social media, major messenger apps like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, and Vkontakte are also supported by JivoChat, and all data in your company account will be absolutely secure. After connecting these channels, you’ll discover more ways to connect with customers. For instance, you may send photos or videos to display the products and explain their features or share order details and solve issues instantly.

For merchants, the benefit of having all communication channels in one place is more efficient customer service. On the other hand, customers will experience better service because they get to choose the channel they’re more comfortable with.

Powerful CRM: create a closer bond with customers 

Reaching and communicating with customers through various channels is just the first step. The key to extending customer lifetime value is to build a meaningful relationship with your audience, and Jivo can help you get there.

Other than assigning tags, statuses, and categories to clients, you can understand more about visitors’ behavior through their click source and navigation history. After chatting with them, you can add descriptions and comments to make each client’s profile more complete and render even more personalized service. 

Another powerful feature worth noting is Jivo’s CRM, where you can manage deals, tasks, and clients. The Jivo pipeline is a useful tracker that gives you a clear picture of the status of every deal. While you analyze their progress through the funnel, you can proactively interact with leads by setting up different tasks to move the deal forward and convert them.

Screenshot shows JivoChat CRM, separating tickets into different categories: Requests, In Progress, and Payment.

Professional Team Management: build an outstanding team

Not only can you manage customers in Jivo, but you can also manage your customer service team in a smarter way. It saves you lots of time when you are able to chat with agents, check their work performance, and assign tasks.

Jivo Team Chat

After inviting members to join your Jivo Team, you can have one-on-one chats or create group chats to discuss work. It’s especially convenient when a customer needs to be transferred from one agent to another – you can update them on the case by messaging them directly.

Making Jivo your team chat app is also safer because all the messages are stored on Jivo servers. This means that when an agent leaves the team, you get to withdraw their access so there is no risk of a data leak. 

Screenshot shows Jivo Team Chat in use, with team members messaging each other. On the left side menu, there is an item called Teammmates, through which it's possible to chat with team members.

Smart Management

As a manager, you are concerned about employee performance and possible room for improvement. JivoChat can help you do both.

On one hand, you are able to oversee all conversations between agents and customers. This allows you to observe good work and understand the difficulties your agents may face. When your employees turn to you for help, you can simply offer suggestions by leaving a comment or replying to customers yourself.

You can also supervise your teammates’ work through statistics like service ratings, average response time, and average chat duration. Whenever you see a low rating, you can investigate the chat history to find out what customers are unhappy with. Additionally, you get a full picture of the tasks assigned to every agent. It can help you monitor team progress and stay focused on company goals.

More app highlights

Chat Page: Jivo chat page is especially helpful for staying connected with customers when they leave your website. Just create a direct link and send it along with email campaigns or put it on social media so that you can reach potential customers on all channels.

Quick phrases: Although each customer has a relatively unique shopping experience, common questions do come up. To avoid repetition, you can set up response templates to reply quickly.

Agent App: Jivochat is available for desktop and mobile devices. Your team can talk to customers and each other anywhere, at anytime. 

Real-time customer data: With access to real-time visitor data, you can see which pages are getting the most views, where your visitors are coming from, how long they spent on your site, etc. Having access to this information helps you better understand customer needs.

Business insights: Keep track of your service quality and find ways to improve by studying diagrams, numbers, and ratings in JivoChat. Other than statistics, you’ll also find insights on how to do better.

Customer Testimonials

“JivoChat is a very helpful app. We get notifications every time a customer sends us messages through the chat box, which accelerates our average response time. Since customer questions are resolved in a shorter time, our conversion rate has increased as well!”

Lefeet, Shoplazza DTC Brand


JivoChat is a messaging app that helps merchants grow by offering personalized customer service. Install JivoChat in your Shoplazza store and try out the features yourself. 

A 30% discount on all subscription plans is available to any Shoplazza merchant before November 25th, 2022. This is the time to get JivoChat for a whole year at a special rate!

Enjoy this special offer by using the coupon code “BF2022” and discover a better way to engage with customers!

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