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Feb 23, 2023 3:58:31 PM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza x CSCA: Logistics Trends and Solutions for All Businesses

Shoplazza participates in the CSCA event in Montreal, QC to discuss the latest logistics trends in ecommerce. Find out what you missed!

Shoplazza x CSCA: The Latest Logistics Trends and Solutions for All Businesses

QUEBEC, February 18, 2023 - Shoplazza joined the CSCA event, The latest logistics trends in ecommerce, and shared insights about and best practices on the operation strategy and logistic solutions for businesses to meet growing ecommerce demands in a highly competitive environment.  

The event is organized by North American Chinese Supply Chain Association (CSCA), a professional and influential supply chain organization in North America, which aims to help the Chinese supply chain professionals in North America to achieve world-class operational knowledge and skills, as well as develop a suitable career path. This event provides a platform for professionals from supply chain, ecommerce and other fields to learn, connect and discuss potential collaborations. 

Shoplazza participates in CSCA event in Montreal, QC, Canada.

As a leader in ecommerce, Shoplazza joined as the guest speaker to introduce our all-in-one ecommerce solutions, and together with Mr. Chen, Mr. Guan and Ms. Yu, to discuss the latest logistic trends and solutions. Mr. Hanyin Chen, CEO of ASKaFOX, shared the development of the latest procurement technology while Mr. Peng Guan from Imperial Tobacco Company discussed cutting-edge topics such as management scarcity, inflation, disruption and volatility. Moreover, Ms. April Yu, Vice President of CSCA, looked ahead to the third-party logistics and warehousing trends in 2023 based on her own work experience.

In the event, Shoplazza has covered various topics, including the easy-to-build storefront, omnichannel marketing, all-in-one payment solutions and global intelligence supply chain and logistics on Shoplazza’s platform.

During the event, Shoplazza shared our integrated fulfillment process that can lower shipping barriers for global businesses and explained how we help merchants grow by empowering them with the leading shipping and logistic solutions, saving them time and money. Currently, Shoplazza is leveraging our expertise in logistics and supply chain management and working to create a seamless and efficient shipping process that will enable merchants to expand their customer base and increase their sales.

In addition to cross-border shipping, Shoplazza is also developing smart warehousing solutions for global merchants. By utilizing the latest technology and automation tools, Shoplazza is helping merchants optimize their warehouse operations, reduce costs and optimize order fulfillment times. This will enable merchants to offer faster and more reliable delivery options, which is crucial in today's competitive ecommerce landscape.

To further strengthen the global supply chain network, Shoplazza is also working with Amazon and other strategic premium shipping and product sourcing partners. By partnering with these industry leaders, Shoplazza is able to tap into their expertise, resources and networks to expand their reach and provide a more comprehensive set of services to merchants.

Overall, Shoplazza is focusing on bringing the tools and resources our merchants need to succeed in the global ecommerce marketplace.

Open to more partners to join our ecosystem

Shoplazza is dedicated to serving more than 360,000 merchants around the world. Aligning with the mission “Open to More”, we aim to expand our partner ecosystem to build and improve ecommerce solutions for our global merchants.

In our ecosystem, partners and developers can leverage our large pool of global merchants to grow and expand their presence throughout the ecommerce industry. We are always open to partners who cover shipping solutions from first mile to last mile, or who work with cross-border transportation, smart warehousing solutions and custom/export and import solutions. Become a Shoplazza partner today to help serve 360,000+ merchants around the world! 

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Julia Yip

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