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Jan 12, 2023 3:05:17 PM | CES 2023: Learn More About the Cutting-Edge Technologies for Ecommerce

Find out what happened at the CES 2023. Stay ahead of the competition by learning about the tech innovations and trends in the ecommerce sector.

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The Consumer Technology Association refers to their conference as “the most influential tech event in the world”. The CES 2023 took place on January 5-8 in Winchester, NV, USA and, of course, Shoplazza couldn’t miss it. Keep on reading to find out more about the conference and get to know all that’s new in the tech sector and that could help your ecommerce stay ahead of the competition.

Innovative products and technologies

CES 2023 worked as a platform for companies to showcase their brand new products and technologies to the world. Attendants were particularly excited about the 2023 edition because they would get to see what the trends are for this post-pandemic era—and they were not disappointed.

In terms of products, AI autonomous weeders, foldable electric bikes and AI translation earbuds are some of the innovations that caught our attention during the event. As for technologies, the future seems to be focused on digital transformation, data security, AI, autonomous driving and Metaverse.

Luckily for our merchants, Shoplazza knows a little something about AI, all-in-one platform management, data security and privacy protection.

Data and privacy

Shoplazza is committed to protecting the privacy of our merchants, customers, partners, and everyone who entrusts us with their personal information. We have passed the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards for data privacy control and demonstrated effective privacy data management under ISMS and PSMS, becoming one of the few companies that are dual-certified.

We integrate data protection into the whole process of product planning, design, development, testing, publishing and decommissioning. We reorganized the data flow of product information and personal data and conducted the PIA assessment (Privacy Impact Assessment) so as to certify our product is up to standard.

Shoplazza has also ensured the security of payment information and sensitive business data by complying with the highest level of PCI-DSS certification. We also work closely with Forter, our compliance and fraud prevention service partner, to secure merchants' global business.

In other words, we’ve got you and your data protected.

AI-powered recommendations and chatbots

Artificial intelligence is already reshaping how the ecommerce industry predicts shopping patterns based on traces collected by bots—and Shoplazza merchants get to make the most of these technologies.

With AI-powered recommendations, merchants only have to follow a few steps to set up the right recommendation model, and then the algorithms do their job by learning shoppers' digital behavior. And by making more precise recommendations, merchants can increase their conversions and average ticket.

AI technology also enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real time using chatbots. The chatbot qualifies the user and shares helpful information quickly to answer the user’s query. Once all the information is collected and shared, the chatbot forwards the “warmed-up” client to the operator or offers to connect them with the company’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a Shoplazza merchant, you can find the best chatbot solution for your ecommerce in our AppStore.

Advertising and marketing

Omnichannel marketing plays an important part when scaling up your business. With Shoplazza, merchants can easily create, manage and track marketing and ad campaigns across different channels.

Our platform offers built-in integration tools for Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, which means you can run paid campaigns directly from Shoplazza’s backend portal without going back and forth between different platforms.

Shoplazza also supports multipixel plugins for Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Microsoft Bing. Merchants can one-click install the pixel code into their store and collect all the data they need to better understand their customers and improve their marketing strategy.

Final takeaway

Looking beyond borders, we are confident that technologies such as AI and all-in-one operation will become fundamental to increasing merchant revenue and enhancing your customers’ shopping experience. Besides, more and more consumers are now paying attention to the importance of data privacy and protection.

We always share our insights into events like the CES 2023 with you because our goal is to empower merchants to achieve efficient operation. As a leading SaaS eCommerce platform, we will continue to play to our strengths when it comes to technology and product innovation, as well as overseas marketing experience and best practices. 

Julia Yip

About the author: Julia Yip

Julia is a Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Shoplazza.