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Oct 26, 2022 7:00:00 AM | Sell Your Products Boost Your Sales with Live Chat on Shoplazza

Using live chat on your Shoplazza store can help you increase your sales. Find out how in this article.

Boost Your Sales with Live Chat on Shoplazza and JivoChat.

Did you know that by building your ecommerce website using Shoplazza, you can also install the JivoChat live chat? Easy to use and available for multiple operating systems, it allows all your visitors to send messages that your sales team can answer right away.

Instead of automatic messages, with live chat, it's possible to provide a more touch and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Once they enter your website, the live chat button will appear on the right side of the screen, and users can easily ask their questions when they are in need of assistance to complete a purchase on your online store or want to know more information about a product.

With the digital market being such a competitive place, it's important to search for ways to distinguish your ecommerce brand. The live chat option offers that opportunity. In addition to being a direct way to contact your company, answering clients' questions quickly also gives more credibility to your business. 

Enhance User Experience

User experience is essential for online businesses. Improving user experience means evaluating how you can provide the best experience for customers who will navigate through your website. Fast load page speed, a website that functions well on desktop and mobile devices, well-organized content, and a structured menu are all elements that impact user experience. 

The live chat function can help improve user experience because it makes the process of getting in touch with your company much simpler. Customers won't have to access a contact page, enter an email address, then send you an email and wait for the answer - all they have to do is click on the live chat button and start the conversation.

Screenshot of JivoChat website says Turn your website visitors into paying customers with JivoChat.

To enhance user experience, it's essential to have a well-prepared team ready to answer live chat questions. One of the advantages of live chat is receiving answers immediately, so train your team to recognize the importance of not leaving anyone waiting too long. 

Offer Better Customer Support

By installing a live chat interface on your website, you also have the opportunity to get closer to your existing customers and provide them with great support. If they need help with finding the shipping status of an order or exchanging products, your customer support team can assist them through live chat.

It's necessary to think of strategies to attract new customers, just as it is important to come up with ways to retain the ones you already have. Implementing an effective communication system with live chat can help resolve client needs faster, making them feel more satisfied with your brand service.

Avoid Losing Sales Opportunities

Have you ever accessed an eCommerce store and gave up before checking out because you couldn't find fundamental information about the product? This kind of situation can be avoided, and that's why complete product descriptions are so important. Specific information can be missing, however, from even the most complete product descriptions.

With live chat, the customer can easily have their questions answered. All they have to do is type in their question, and they could have their answer in just a few seconds, which can be decisive in helping them to complete a purchase. 

Plus, you can automate JivoChat live chat to send messages inviting the customer to complete certain actions, for instance, to get to know one of your products. And of course, the message can be customized to fit your needs. 

Customers Can Choose Their Favorite Communication Channel

With JivoChat, you can give your customers, who may prefer shopping online with their smartphones, the ability to choose their preferred method of communication. For instance, they can request a call or opt to send you a message via Facebook Messenger.


Screenshot of a phone screen showing the option to online chat to a store.


In this way, they can keep the conversation going even after leaving your website, which can improve their experience with your brand even more. At the same time, you can keep in contact with them as well. JivoChat is optimized for all mobile browsers and contains functionalities that work perfectly with Android, as well as iOS, devices,

Handle Multiple Chats with Ease

Even with an understanding of how live chats can improve communication between your brand and your customers, you may be wondering about the difficulty of implementing a live chat system, right? It's easier than you think.

The JivoChat app has a user-friendly interface that allows your team to quickly learn to use it and keep track of every conversation with the customers. Managing messages is easy since you can access all of them in one place. 

Screenshot shows the messenger dashboard for the store.

You can navigate between setting up default responses per the topic of conversation, transferring the chat to another department or team member, and checking the messages that are awaiting to be answered. 

Get to Know Your Customers

Another benefit of live chat is that it allows you to know your target audience better. Through the conversations your team will have with them, it's possible to determine your customer's primary needs, where they are located, their age range, and other useful information.

Plan your marketing strategies around these findings. As you grow your clientele, you can develop new strategies, and continuously improve your sales, 

Install JivoChat on Your Website

Take the opportunity to boost your sales with the best live chat app - JivoChat!

You will see that your Shoplazza eCommerce store delivering better results by providing a personalized user experience and excellent customer support.

Install JivoChat on Shoplazza.

Written by: JivoChat

Shoplazza collaborates with JivoChat to provide the best live chat services for store owners.