May 3, 2022 10:38:00 AM | Sell Your Products Biggest DTC Holiday Sales 2021

We’ve selected a few of our favorite DTC brands in this article, be sure to check out their sales!

As the year draws to a close, some DTC brands are opting out of holiday sales because of a new trend in year-end marketing strategy. Others continue to partake in the time-honored tradition of making major concessions to get their products into the hands of hungry holiday shoppers everywhere. We’ve selected a few of our favorite DTC brands in this article, be sure to check out their sales!


AYR is having a 30% final year-end sale right now. AYR stands out from thousands of DTC online women’s apparel brands because of the elegant simplicity of its designs. This is one of the few brands that truly produces reliable year-round clothing that is made well and looks good. If you still can’t make up your mind, AYR believes that clothes should make it easier for people to live different lifestyles, as opposed to limiting the options that we have. 


Quip is the final frontier in oral hygiene. Its flagship product is an electronic product that times how long you brush, automatically orders replacement heads, and it’s guaranteed by a lifetime warranty! It’s fully confident in its ability to be the end all and be all of your oral hygiene routine. Quip is currently having a 40% final year-end sale.  


Winter is the perfect time to buy lingerie! Because who wants to wear a bunch of lace and fishnets in the summertime? AdoreMe is a DTC lingerie brand that offers free shipping and free exchanges. It also makes it easy for you to find something that you or your significant other will be comfortable with by making the selection process a game-like experience that’s realized with the help of some truly intuitive design. AdoreMe is currently having a 50% sale on its VIP set - a selection of great pieces that’ll spice up any relationship! 

Brilliant Earth 

Are Diamonds still a girl’s best friend? For the modern woman, where diamonds come from may matter more than their size and appearance. Not only does Brilliant Earth deal in conflict-free diamonds, it also makes it easy for you to design and create your own diamond ring through their online interface. While Brilliant Earth isn’t exactly having a sale, it is offering, for a limited time only (and while supplies last), a genuine pearl necklace with every purchase over $500 - what are you waiting for? 

Black Milk

A legend in the direct marketing space, Black Milk clothing isn’t for your average online shopper. Its designs are attitude-driven and often provide an ironic twist on classic designs. And it’s refreshing to see that Black Milk is participating in a year-end 50% off Boxing Day sale that so many DTC brands seem to be giving up this year in an effort to maintain their brand prestige. We think it’s misguided but, hey, what do we know? 

This list isn’t for everybody, and we meant it when we said that these are our favorite brands. None of them are affiliated with SHOPLAZZA and no we don’t receive a commission from any sales made. We simply take pleasure in bringing to your attention the best products in the DTC space!  

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