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May 23, 2022 4:59:00 PM | Sell Your Products Shoplazza | Quick Guide: Get Ready To Sell On Social Media!

Create a store on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to increase your sales on social networks.

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Indispensable in the world of digital marketing, social networks are a tool that allows you to give visibility to your company and its products while generating a lot of traffic.

Table of content:

  • Selling on social media: Is it worth it?
  • How to create a store on Facebook?
  • What do you need to create a Facebook store page?
  • How to sell on Instagram?
  • How to sell on Pinterest?
  • Ready to increase your sales on social networks?

Selling on social media: Is It Worth It?

Sell ​​on Facebook and Instagram with a well-established strategy.

If you want to quickly develop your business thanks to social networks, it is better to bet above all on Facebook and Instagram. And to sell on Facebook and Instagram, mastering the art of social selling is essential! As you will see, the strategy of both social networks has shifted into high gear in recent years. The shopping experience is now a non-referral to the brand's website, from making contact with prospects to paying directly in the content of the instant conversation.

How to create a store on Facebook?

A Facebook Store is a Facebook business page tab application that allows potential customers to purchase products directly from your "Facebook Store". This app allows potential customers to browse, share and purchase your products without having to leave their Facebook windows! (The functionality of integrated payment on Facebook exists only in the United States.) For French companies, a link will direct the prospect to the merchant site by clicking on a “Pay on the website” tab. The Facebook store will be like an extension of your e-commerce site by having better visibility while being integrated into your business page.

What do you need to create a Facebook store page?

Creating a store on Facebook is very easy. You will be able to sell to your subscribers on Facebook. Here's what you need before you can get started:

  • A Facebook account
  • A Facebook business page

Getting both off the list should be pretty easy, if not, start by setting up your Facebook account and your business page. Now that you have a business page on Facebook, so let's move on to what interests us today.

In addition to the two conditions above, your Facebook page must also have the following points:

  • Sell ​​physical items: this means there is no way to sell digital or downloadable products from your Facebook Store page;
  • To be in agreement with the commercial conditions of Facebook; Have a link to a valid bank account *;
  • Have a tax identification number *.

* This is only valid for stores based in the United States.

For the creation of the "Shop" tab:

  • Select a payment method: Message to buy or Pay on another website;
  • Select the currency: (example euro);
  • Select "Add a product" then add one or more photo (s), product name, price, description, stock availability, product options (color, size, material), you can also select a price promotional.

How to sell ​​on Instagram?

Instagram has undergone incredible development over the past two years. What used to be called a brand awareness platform is emerging as a major player in customer acquisition. So, here is how to use Instagram to increase sales for your business.

To sell, you obviously must put the link of your e-commerce site in your bio with a little powerful Call to Action.

You can also use stories and include a "Learn more", "See more" or "Swipe up" link. Finally, you can advertise!

Link your Instagram profile with your Facebook Company account

For Instagram to find the data relating to each of your products on Facebook, you must tell it which page hosts your catalog. To do so:

  • Access the settings of your Instagram account
  • Select “Linked Accounts”
  • Choose the "Facebook" tab
  • Log in to your Facebook Company page with your username and password

Once your Facebook store is created and your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, you are ready to activate Instagram Shopping. In your Instagram account settings, select “Shopping” under the “Business Settings” category. This will activate the tool that will allow you to sell on Instagram.

Concretely, you will be able to:

Add a "Shop" tab to your Instagram profile. On click, users go from your Feed to your online store with your products displayed in a mosaic.

Add tags to your product photos, with name and price in the currency of your choice. Make the most of this functionality with staging. Do you sell ready-to-wear items? A photo of a model wearing your products with tags will maximize conversion. Do you sell decorative items? Make assortments and arrangements on a sample room to give ideas to your customers.

To sell on Instagram, you have to create an account and make it attractive. It is necessary to put forward its products and its services, but also the possible conditions of sale as the delivery (free).

How to sell ​​on Pinterest?

Selling on Pinterest is possible!

The functionalities of this visual social network are numerous. If you have an account, know that each post is an opportunity to sell. Pinterest offers Rich Pins, a feature that allows you to enrich your Pins with a link to an app, web page, blog post, etc. These Pins are a great way to drive traffic to your site for several reasons.

First, they offer you a free and efficient way to generate quality backlinks to your site, a must for SEO. Then, these Pins help generate engagement in your community. Push your listeners to take certain actions on your site through Rich Pins.

For example, you can offer them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. Finally, you can directly generate sales by entering the characteristics of your product and its price. Your "rich Pin" becomes your product sheet and is displayed to as many people as possible.

Pinterest has also developed a feature called Shop the Look! It allows Internet users to click on the coin they like and buy it with just a few clicks. Sellers can even combine products to provide a more complete offering.

Ready to increase your sales on social networks?

Social networks are not just photo sharing platforms anymore. These are formidable eMarketing tools. With a good strategy, you will be able to develop your brand image, improve your notoriety, and generate sales on your website!

Pay full attention to the quality of your content and attract users to your world. Use all the tools at your disposal to improve your SEO and your visibility on the platform. Finally, use the marketing tools at your disposal wisely to boost your communication and measure its impact. So, are you ready to increase your sales on social networks?


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