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Jun 23, 2022 3:49:00 PM | Shoplazza News Allroot EPR Guide: A Powerful ERP Software for E-commerce Management

Learn what is Allroot, the key features of its ERP software Shop Wizard, and how it can help you operate your business more efficiently.

Table of Content

  1. Intro
  2. What is ERP
  3. Advantages of embracing ERP
  4. Allroot company profile
  5. What is Shop Wizard
  6. Key features
  7. The six most potent functions


If you own an online business, you know how difficult it can be to manage tasks such as product sourcing, warehousing, marketing, shipping, and many others at the same time. For example, are you still manually processing orders for data interaction with logistics companies? Do you have a problem with accurate inventory data performance? If this is the case, you need a robust solution that frees you from this tedious work to focus on long-term business strategies. 

Allroot is one example of a one-stop cross-border E-commerce ERP we will discuss in this article. This software incorporates an intelligent and automated e-commerce administration system to increase your E-commerce work efficiency vastly. We will go through the company profile of Allroot, the key features of its ERP software Shop Wizard, and how it can help you operate your business more efficiently.


What is ERP

You've probably heard of ERP but aren't sure what it is. To begin, let us look at the definition and benefits of ERP.

ERP refers to software that enables businesses to:

  1. Automate and integrate many of their business activities.
  2. Share a common database and business practices across the firm.
  3. Create information in real time.

An ERP system's goal is to coordinate a company's whole operation, from supplier assessment to customer invoicing, by utilizing a centralized database to aid in the flow of information among business functions.

Advantages of having an ERP system: 

  • Integrates supply chain, production, and administration
  • Creates commonality of databases
  • Can incorporate improved, re-engineered “best practices”
  • Increases communication and collaboration
  • Provides competitive advantage


About AllRoot

AllRoot is a free ERP management solution available through the Shoplazza app center. It focuses on escorting cross-border sellers by solving the pain points of low product release efficiency and multi-store multi-platform management, deeply exploring user needs and iterative optimization more than 100 times per year, following the platform API update, and optimizing the system promptly.

Company profile

AllRoot is created by Hangzhou Puyuan Software Co., Ltd., an emerging high-tech enterprise specializing in computer application software development. The company is committed to constructing an online store management system under the B2C model. It has a solid technical team that includes computer professionals, technical consultants, system developers, and after-sales service personnel and has rich, practical experience in software development.

puyuan cloud automation and intelligence

Puyuan has a series of independent intellectual property rights in the operation and management of online stores. It provides comprehensive solutions based on the unified process of online store sales promotion, product administration, transaction order management, warehouse management, logistics, and logistics. As one of the ERP management solutions, Shop Wizard is an essential product from Puyuan.


Shop Wizard: ERP management system 

What is Shop Wizard

Shop Wizard is an integrated online business management solution. The purpose is to simplify the process for entrepreneurs to manage many e-commerce platform shops. It fully integrates with eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites. The API interface provides automated and simplified administration of online shop data through automated software synchronization technology and supports the store owner in managing the business more efficiently.

Key features

Online Shop Wizard brings convenience to your daily store management and improves work efficiency. Here are the key features of it:

  • Automatic Matching Logistics
  • Automatic weighing and freight calculation
  • Quick picking and accurate checking to ensure delivery accuracy
  • Real-time tracking of logistics status 
  • Intelligent early warning and replenishment of out-of-stock orders

Six powerful functions

The Shop Wizard consists of nine functions, including product management, procurement management, inventory management, logistics management, marketing management, and statistical reports. To better understand the use case of this software, let’s dive into 6 of the most powerful functions.

1. Product management

The product management system helps synchronize eBay store products, define customs declaration data, customize SKU, define combination products, upload pictures, etc. Product information can be entered manually or imported from other E-commerce stores provided that the API interface is enabled. For example, if you use Excel to manage your current product, you can easily import it into Shop Wizard. You can manage the product's image in the product information and choose one main image for a product.

2. Procurement Management

The procurement management system supports supplier management, generation, the query of purchasing management, purchasing summary table, out-of-stock management of sales order, purchasing unit price trend graph, etc. For example, in the supplier management section, you can edit supplier categories, import and deactivate suppliers in batches, set supplier permissions, etc.

3. Inventory management

The inventory management supports the functions of warehouse location, other inbound and outbound document operations, inventory checklist, inventory detail list, inventory summary account, inventory warning, sales uncounted query, amazon FBA inventory, inventory integration list, etc. Based on the inventory quantity, the lower limit of the inventory, and the recent reference sales volume in the product information, the inventory warning data is generated, the reference data is provided to the purchasers, and the inventory is replenished in time.

4. Logistics management     

The logistics management system is mainly dealing with the operations of delivery orders. The main functions include specifying logistics methods for orders, printing shipping labels, scanning & weighing items, tracking delivery status, etc. Here is one example of how this system assists in improving logistics efficiency. Setting the logistics rules, after the order is downloaded to the online shop wizard - order management - order to be dispatched, it can be automatically matched to the required logistics method, significantly reducing the time it takes to deliver orders.

5. Marketing Management

The marketing management system supports functions like email templates and eBay Message templates, the generation of after-sales orders, the collection of customer information, etc. The customer information is collected based on the payer information in the historical transaction. The unique record is made according to the payer information, including the contact address, phone number, purchased goods, and accumulated shopping amount. These could be great data assets for the company.

6. Statistical Report

Shop Wizard can support generating financial statistics, product statistics, logistics statistics, customer statistics, business statistics, custom statistics, financial sales reports, etc. Take product statistics as an example. The seller's evaluation summary can count the number of positive reviews, the number of moderate reviews, and the number of negative reviews for each product and their respective ratios.



Now we've covered key features and functions offered by Allroot. On top of sales and marketing, entrepreneurs need to deal with so many tasks in operation to run a successful online business. Shoplazza is dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow their business and reach out to customers. Hopefully, this guide will bring insights to your store management and improve your work efficiency.

Now, Allroot ERP is available in Shoplazza’s featured AppStore. Stay tuned, we will shed light on how to integrate with your Shoplazza store soon. 

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Written By: Min Chen

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