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Jun 9, 2022 10:12:00 PM | Sell Your Products 10 Reasons Why Shoplazza Is More Friendly to Start-Ups and SMBs

This article will give you all the reasons you should open your laptop and create a business account with Shoplazza.

Small business owners and startups have one thing in common - they do not have much capital to start. Instead, they have a dream, a vision and a couple of dollars in their pockets. This is why they usually do not last long out there. The typical startup lasts two to five years. Even so, only half of startups will last five years. On average, 90% of startups only persist through their first year. Sixty-nine percent of small businesses survive for two years. 

These statistics aren't meant to scare you but to show you how much is at stake and how carefully you need to make business decisions so you can beat these predictions. So, what if I told you there was a way to start successfully, set up and manage your small business or startup without too many resources?

Shoplazza is an eCommerce SaaS website hosting service that gives you everything you need to build scalable DTC brands and B2C ecommerce businesses and get your brand on the global market quickly and successfully.

If you are a small business owner or founder of a startup wondering how to get your idea off the ground, you came to the right place. This article will give you all the reasons you should open your laptop and create a business account with Shoplazza.

1. Quick and straightforward setup

Shoplazza has an easy enough setup, and your website can be up and running in a day, depending on how much data you want to onboard and how much time you have to customize your website to your specific needs and preferences.

To begin, go to Shoplazza's homepage and create an account. Then, you'll be asked a few questions about your company and taken to your Shoplazza dashboard. You can add products and alter the theme of your store from here.

Like any business, you want to stand out. You want your site to be appealing, clean and stylish. This is possible with Shoplazza, which allows you to select from 26 free, sophisticated, modern and customizable themes. After choosing a template, you can personalize it by twinkling with the layout and color palette and adding your logo and photos.

2. Free staff accounts and staff management

You know the saying, ‘No man is an island?’ It also applies in business. You need some help when it comes to running a business. Unfortunately, help can be expensive to maintain, especially if you need a physical space, a central place where you can monitor and manage your employees.

Shoplazza has its own sort of virtual workplace. You can create accounts for six to one hundred employees with different permissions. You can even create different 'roles' based on the functions of your team, such as a finance manager who overlooks income, expenditure and profits or a logistics manager who handles everything concerning inventory.

In addition, to protect your data and brand, Shoplazza will give you total control over who can make any changes to your online store.

3. Comprehensive CSM

With Shoplazza’s Content Management System, you can easily curate, manage, tweak, and publish content from blogs to automated emails. The key to building a loyal customer base is providing more than one service. For example, instead of only selling skincare products, you can regularly post articles about things to avoid or practice when looking after your skin.

With Shoplazza, you can design email templates and even keep track of your mailing list. Furthermore, you can create different mailing lists depending on your users' behavior, such as welcome emails, cart recovery emails, inactive user emails and new product alerts.

4. Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning solutions

Running a business usually requires staff who are experts at different tasks like accounting, finance, logistics, and administration, among other vital roles. If you can't afford to hire help, you have to be skilled in these fields. However, this can be pretty exhausting. Shoplazza is here to save the day.

It provides ERP solutions. Everything from accounting, order management, inventory levels and billing to exports and shipping information can be automated with Shoplazza's ERP. This is especially handy if you manage multiple stores since you can coordinate everything from a single location.

The backend of your ecommerce website allows you to track orders, shipments, and sales data. You can also monitor inventory levels and SKUs and replenish stock. In addition, you can handle payment disputes.

5. Multi-channel synchronization

The wider you cast your net, the more fish you will catch, and Shoplazza understands this. This is why it is embedded with software that lets you synchronize and migrate your data (products, blogs, reviews, etc.) from one platform to another, such as Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, AliExpress, and Pinterest, among others.

What's more, when you want to design a new Facebook ads campaign, you can instantly pull products from your website into your Facebook ad.

6. Expert email marketing

Shoplazza incorporates well-known email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, Stream, and MailChimp. for those who want to do more with their mailing feature. You can also use Shoplazza's emailing tool to manage and maintain your mailing list if you want just the basic features. 

You'll find different templates for different consumer behavior from the dashboard, such as discounts, subscription invitations, and neglected cart emails. You can entirely style and customize these templates by adding your logo, photos, and text.

7. SEO

As a small business owner or startup founder, you want your website to attract new customers steadily. One way to do this is through search engine optimization. For this reason, Shoplazza lets you integrate your store with Google Analytics.

You can include metadata to your homepage (such as a meta title and description) so that your site appears among the top choices when people are searching for products on the internet.

8. Drop-shipping and POD

If you are a small business owner without much capital, this is the perfect option. With Shoplazza's drop-shipping feature, you can set up your website and take orders from clients, and a drop-shipper will prepare the order, package and ship it for you without you seeing or storing it physically.

You can even add your logo to your product and packaging or add personalized messages and names as requested by the client. In addition, there's no minimum order, so you can scale up or down to meet demand. 

You can now avoid the unfortunate fate of being stuck with merchandise and paying rent for storage space when you aren't even making sales.

9. Flexible payment methods

To serve a large clientele from all over the world, Shoplazza comes with various payment options such as territories via PayPal, World Pay, Stripe, credit cards, debit cards and other niche options specific to different countries.

In addition, Shoplazza accepts payments from customers in 150 countries and territories. Your website will even identify your visitors' local IP addresses and convert your prices into their currency.

10. Pricing

Okay, so you might look at all the features and services above and assume that you can't possibly afford Shoplazza. But, the fantastic news is that you can!

Shoplazza offers a 7-day free trial for those just testing the waters. After that, subscription ranges from $28 to $218 for the basic, advanced, premier, enterprise and pro packages. Currently, there is a 15% discount on subscriptions.

All packages include round-the-clock customer service, a free consultation, and access to all third-party functionalities. In addition, discount coupons, gift cards, free policy templates, expert reports, website and content SEO features, and a Facebook Messenger live chat app are included with all plans.

There's no denying it; Shoplazza is an excellent tool for any small business owner or startup founder who needs the most resources at the lowest cost.

Are you ready to start running your online store? Sign up with Shoplazza and begin your journey.

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Written By: Gerald Ainomuguisha

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